What’s behind Canada’s labour shortage? The Answer is simple Government Regulations, Government Welfare, the spike in cost of Living, and The Bank of Canada – September 24, 2021,

The pandemic has created a bunch of new government regulations in different provinces in Canada and these regulations are increasing the costs of doing business. These new government regulations are also making low-wage earners have to work harder for their paychecks and if there exists a means to avoid returning to the labour market, most employees are exercising their right to take advantage of these generous welfare programs.

Justin Trudeau has made corporate climate change a top priority and all Canadians are paying more for energy because of it. As an example, gas prices have spiked in Canada because of corporate welfare climate change policies and a lot of people as an example to avoid higher rents or higher home prices moved out of cities to suburbs and commute times to go to work via Justin Trudeau are now more expensive than ever.

There is a cost to going to work, this is why if governments really cared about poor people, they’d want to price DEFLATION not price inflation. The bank of Canada has an inflation target? which is the equivalent of the bank of Canada going to war with low-income earners, making the problem worse is that the Bank of Canada is keeping interest rates artificially low, which hurts savers, most low-income earners don’t have the money to invest, but more low wage earners would save money if the bank gave them a market rate of interest.

But the Bank of Canada is providing corporate welfare for the existing owners of property as well as welfare for large Canadian corporations. Corporate and personal welfare is destroying this country and when the Canadian economy collapses I hope these government and central bank regulations are dissolved.

Interesting times ahead