Canada’s largest association of small and medium-sized businesses warns Justin Trudeau about his tyrannical trucker vaccine rule, driver shortages equate to more consumer PRICE INFLATION – January 26, 2022,

So yeah, as per usual as most Austrian historians have been trying to explain Big Government creates most of the problems in the world. a few people making life-changing economic decisions for an entire country is never a good idea. Now, in the minds of people who are pro-big government, they’re asking themselves, what’s the big deal? “Get the jab bro” and they assume most of us who are pro-Freedom aren’t vaccinated.

Most of us who are vaccinated, got vaccinated for our own good, and I personally NEVER took the flu shot, but members in my family have, my grandfather is pushing 100 years old, he still gets the flu shot, he does so to protect himself from people like me who don’t get the flu shot. If vaccines work, these mandates are stupid. But as most of us know, these mandates aren’t about vaccines they’re about the Government people flexing their muscles.

The writing is on the wall that Trudeau will blame shortages on the Truckers and not his mandates, but he’s already unpopular, so politically this silliness, with all the money Trudeau used to buy votes, he still lost the popular vote, what does that tell you? Trudeau is not as popular in Canada as Joe Biden is in America, I think the liberals are in the 30s?

Trudeau is trying to hit a political home run with these mandates and at this point, my advice to anyone reading this is to either stock up on food or prepare to consume less in the future. This mandate is not necessary, it’s not even science, it’s Trudeau trying to flex his muscles. So yea, anyone predicting price deflation all over the economy, clearly isn’t paying attention to all of the government regulations on the productive members of this country. Sure some prices might deflate, but all signs appear to point to more consumer price inflation in the future.


CFIB urges Ottawa to reverse trucker vaccine rule amid driver shortage, higher costs |

Interesting times ahead!