Canada’s Left-Wing Government Has a 4-year Problem: 80% of Canadians are worried about inflation and solving the problem is an easy fix, inflation is 100% governments fault – November 24, 2021,

Candidate Justin Trudeau told his supporters before beating Stephen Harper that because interest rates were low, 2015 was a good time for the Federal government to spend like drunken sailors, e Canadians believed that nonsense to vote out Stephen Harper, it’s now 2021 and Trudeau could be the leader of this country for the next 4 years, possibly more and we’re not sure if Trudeau knows how to fight off his back foot.

Because transfer payments in the United States don’t mirror the transfer payments system in Canada, Republican-led States have been able to attract capital, which oddly enough makes Joe Biden’s America look better than Justin Trudeau’s Canada. The idiot Democrat California governor Gavin Newsom has done such a bad job that Texas and Florida ports might take most of the business away from California, now, luckily for Joe Biden he’ll get credit for this, because after all, he’s President of the United States and even if his idiotic policies are working against Americans, you’d only know that if you’re into politics or living in a democrat run State.

States rates are a big thing in the U.S, Provincial rights don’t carry the same type of power in Canada. In fact, because of our transfer payments scheme, Western Canada is often burdened for being proactive and productive. What this does is it concentrates a lot of power in Canada’s federal government and this is all well and good for the Feds while times are good, it becomes problematic what times aren’t so good because if the economy starts tanking, Trudeau can’t blame anyone except for himself.

Joe Biden on the other hand gets to take a victory lap if any Republican States have economic issues, and take credit when Republican States make the overall U.S economy appear to be in much better shape than it really is. Because of transfer payments, inflation is being distributed almost equally all over Canada, regardless of who the Premier of the province is.

Now, I’m certain Left-Wingers who have a Conservative Premier will attempt to blame their Premier for the problem, but the truth of the matter is inflation is a Federal government problem. As I like to point out the Federal Government needs to get out of the mortgage insurance business, it’s not like the housing market in Canada is hurting, you’re seeing 1500 square foot dwellings being sold for millions of dollars, why does the Canadian federal government need to be involved to insure mortgages with Canadian taxpayers being on the hook?

Furthermore, the mortgage insurance department of the Canadian federal government is very rich and if it’s legitimate should be profitable in the private sector? But of course, we all know it’s only profitable because investors imagine that if the housing market goes to hell, the Federal government of Canada will bail them out.

The bank of Canada can only be holding interest rates at near-zero for two reasons, one reason is for the benefit of Canadians exports to the U.S and the other benefit is to keep the real estate market propped up, which of course leads to INFLATION. Now, because of Canadian regulatory policy, Canada has become very dependent on imports, which means unlike before when the Canadian government could at the very least subsidize manufacturing in Canada, now, subsidizing industries in Canada is almost like giving China and other countries we’re dependent on a stimulus package.

So obviously the cure for this inflation problem is unleashing the free market, this is common sense, but the first thing that will happen if the Federal Government gets out of the way, is it will have to allow the free market to solve climate change, which it was and still is doing, Tesla is overvalued because a large chunk of the market wants a MARKET BASED green revolution.

The governments of the world want to take credit for going green, so instead of helping to make green energy cheaper, the government is making going green more expensive. I knew this would happen so I have a ton of solar panels that I bought I think it was 2014, those exact same solar panels are almost twice the price now.

In fact, when I see some of the solar panels being sold on the market now, there have been very few improvements, why? Because the government got involved, so there are increased costs in the manufacturing processes for everything green energy. Big government makes things worse and it’s unclear to me how long it will take for Canadians to see the obvious.

Obviously, based on the information presented in the article below, Canadians are feeling the slaughter of inflation on wealth, but what did they expect after getting paid to do nothing for a year and debt deferrals? I’m surprised prices are still as cheap as they are. If Trudeau had allowed the market to crash, we would have gone through the pain of big government, but I think it’s only the beginning and as I like to point out, don’t be surprised if the forex markets reward the Canadian dollar while domestic price inflation runs rampant in Canada. What’s actually happening is economic DEFLATION! Meaning it’s costing more Canadian fiat money to purchase fewer goods and services

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Interesting times ahead!