Canada’s Shipping Container crisis is because of the Government response to the Pandemic, CBC lies again (How the shipping container crisis stretches from Shanghai to St. John’s) – December 16, 2021,

There is no reason for the CBC to lie in situations like this, except to protect their meal ticket, and in most instances, there’s no reason for the CBC to lie at all as corruption hasn’t stopped Justin Trudeau from winning elections. The people who are pro-Justin Trudeau like him for their own reasons and they also like his response to the pandemic.

SHORTAGES are becoming normalized in Canada and many parts of the world because of the method in which some politicians decided to respond to the pandemic. Most of the shortages are due in large part because of LABOR shortages, in Canada, as an example people were paid fiat dollars to do nothing, obviously, this would lead to labor shortages, but this response wasn’t a necessary response to the pandemic, it was a political expedient approach to dealing with the virus.

Most people imagine fiat money to be real money, when it’s not, it’s actually currency and fiat money has the ability to hide economic deflation, which is what happens when you reward people with free stuff for doing nothing. People on welfare in western nations in many ways live the best lives on earth because they’re being rewarded for contributing nothing to society.

The more people dependent on the government for survival the more the problems of shortages will accelerate, the infrastructure helps people to be more productive and this is where Canada shines bright compared to other parts of the world, however that infrastructure can only be maintained if the economy remains vibrant. When the government creates sweeping changes with new regulations to the economy, more people become unproductive which leads to shortages.

As an example, the government has banned specific types of travel for individuals it considers unqualified based on their vaccination status, so some Canadians might opt to work less because maybe in the past those Canadians worked hard with dreams of traveling, well now that they can no longer travel, maybe they opt to be an economic nuisance to the government. For every government action, there’s a market reaction and this is why it’s wrong to say that the PANDEMIC caused shortages, no, the governments’ response to the pandemic caused all of the shortages and other economic problems we’re seeing today.

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