Canada’s Universal Health Care System is BANKRUPT, Justin Trudeau’s Corporates Bailouts are NOT paying dividends and Canadian Vaccine Passports are Bankrupting provinces – September 24, 2021,

It’s unfortunate what’s happening with Canadian health care, as we all know, Provinces are in charge of the distribution of money it gets from Ottawa and well, as we all know, Leftist identity politics makes economics a non-factor after social justice and one part of social justice is making sure labor unions are able to flourish in Canada,  regardless of the province in Canada, conservative and socialist premiers are being forced into Vaccine passports because their economies are shut down, and overly regulated and Justin Trudeau’s corporate bailouts aren’t paying off.

When Justin Trudeau lends money to corporations and social justice causes, the idea behind this stupidity is that as an example the loans for Black businesses will result in black businesses paying more taxes to the government. In the real world, the PROFIT DRIVEN private banks usually have a reason as to why they’re unwilling to loan money to particular personal corporate entities and when it comes to money race doesn’t mean squat.

Profit-driven banks want to make money and these profit-driven institutions do not care what a person looks like, the government on the other hand disagrees with the free market, the government discredits Canada’s higher standard of living and raises the bar as to what the definition of poverty is, when the government does this social injustice is able to flourish and therefore social justice politics takes over society.

The side effect to this is that the Canadian dollar soon needs to be DEBASED in order to pay for all of this political social INJUSTICE and the problem gets so bad that even the Socialist Premiers begin complaining. In Ontario, our Progressive-Conservative Premier has instituted a vaccine passport creating a two-tiered society.

Economically vaccine passports are going to cost Canada’s private sector a lot of money because a vaccine passport is a GOVERNMENT ENFORCED regulation which adds to the costs to doing business, which means higher prices for consumers, higher prices lead to fewer customers which is deflationary and leads to fewer taxes being collected for provinces

I’m a lover of liberty, but I also like to explain things from an economics perspective so that people understand how Conservatives turn into TYRANTS! Because talking about Private Health Care in Canada is a taboo topic, all the premiers go out of their way to make sure that our failing health care system is properly financed.

Well, Justin Trudeau’s prior spending sprees have put Trudeau in a bad position, because well, in case you haven’t been paying attention the Bank of Canada has financed almost all of Justin Trudeau’s dumb ideas many of which can not be paid for with a DWINDLING tax base. In Ontario, we still have HST which is pretty dumb if you ask me, so the non-existent Provincial Sales Tax is now the responsibility of the Federal Government.

All of this is stupid and there will come a time when this collapses, in the meantime, the media will continue to put lipstick on the pig!


Premiers urge Trudeau to meet with them ASAP on health-care funding-TehStar

Interesting times ahead