Canada’s Universal Health Care System is BROKEN: Critical shortage via unnecessary REGULATIONS on key medical staff, particularly respiratory therapists in Montreal force closure of hospital ER – November 15, 2021,

Like it or not, Government regulations make people DUMBER, when a lot of Westerners travel to third world nations for the first time, they often pay way too much for local products and services. Why? because they’re used to having a government watchdog, who prevents price gauging on consumers. These regulations of course on the surface appear to help the public, but it really helps to promote ignorance, because after all if the government can regulate one private industry to my benefit why can’t it regulate everything else?

So eventually government regulations evolve as does the perception of government by the people, we’re at a point in Canada, that most people don’t imagine our health care system as anything but FREE health care. Furthermore, for most Canadians, they don’t imagine regulations on health care professionals as anything worth discussing, “all of those medical professionals need to get the jab and comply with all the governments’ demands, they’re getting paid and need to do exactly what the government says because it’s for the greater good of the public”. In a free society, especially a free society that has a generous welfare state, people can opt to QUIT their jobs, something most politicians don’t think about when they’re promoting climate change, social justice, or Covid-19 as existential threats to humanity.

If your government doesn’t regulate these profit-seeking humans, we’re all going to die? Now, if you assume that regulations are all pro and no con when a Quebec Premier talks tough in the midst of a health care staffing shortage, the end result should be obvious, that is if you haven’t been brainwashed by media and government propaganda.

If you’re one of those brainwashed by Government zombies, you imagine a government, the way a religious person imagines GOD! The government is doing what it’s doing and I shouldn’t question why because I will be the beneficiary. The story below was preventable, but it actually didn’t start with the Pandemic, the problem started with Universal Health Care, which is now centralized, politicized, and heavily dependent on the government officials in charge.

You can’t blame the private sector for what’s happening in any Canadian hospital? In fact, if whatever remains of the private sector in Canada’s health care system is vital and politicians would be wise not to talk negatively about it. Because unlike other countries with Universal Health Care, Canada can not evolve because of how Left-Leaning Canada is.

If you even begin to talk about private health care in Canada, even some so-called Conservatives will jump on you, Canadians feel entitled to the labor of others and for this reason, most politicians don’t even know how to present private health care to Canadians. Jagmeet Singh has been talking about making dental a RIGHT to all Canadians, nothing is more smooth for me than going to my PRIVATE dentist. The last thing I want to do is go to any place in Canada run by any branch of the Canadian government.

Most government-controlled institutions are horribly run, I remember going to an unemployment office with a family member, the government office was huge and almost empty? Government inefficiency, it’s so common in Canada, that Canadians have become accustomed to it. The fiat monetary system is hiding economic deflation, medical professionals are weighing the pros and cons of working in health care. Currently, there are more cons than there are pros, and don’t be surprised if the problem gets worse and the problem becomes the new normal.

Left-Wingers tend double, triple, quadruple down on failing ideas! This is why most failing nations will usually have an abundance of Left-Wing political Party’s. You might disagree with the Right-Wing ideology, but we know the importance of a MARKET economy.

Doctors lament overnight closure of Montreal hospital ER, dig into pockets to end it |

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