Canada’s WELFARE STATE benefits lazy welfare loving TAX CHEATS and hurts Low-wage workers – August 9, 2021

If you contribute or produce ZERO income taxes to Canadian society, you don’t work, you don’t have a job, you live in government-subsidized housing, you have electricity, the internet, water, you get a provincial and possibly a Federal Welfare cheque every month, somehow you manage to get a tax return at the end of the year and you vote to make these unearned benefits to yourself permanent you’re a TAX CHEAT and I don’t hear anything from you about the rich should be paying their fair share, because if you’re consuming more than your producing, you’re a TAX CHEAT!

As I’ve stated in prior posts, I would BAN welfare for people who DO NOT WORK or contribute to Canadian society if I were ever elected. But before I’d do this I’d make sure I ABOLISH minimum wage laws because the minimum wage is what gives a lot of people an excuse not to work.

I’m not a libertarian I do believe in TARIFFS, because I believe in the right to work, even if someone were making 1 cent an hour, I’d be willing to accept them receiving a welfare check to make up for the short-fall. Now if an employer was paying one cent an hour or some ridiculously low wage, that private company would obviously be investigated, but when people are permanently being rewarded for being unproductive, you destroy the morale of large segments of Canada’s PRODUCTIVE sector.

Low wage earners are supposed to be given hope that their labour is being recognized by the markets, a low wage earner and a welfare person who contributes ZERO benefit to Canada should not have similar income brackets, but in many instances, low wage earners do not make as much money as people on welfare.

A low-wage earner has to pay market rental prices, a welfare recipient does not. In Ontario one of the first things I would do which is obviously illegal right now is I would throw all of the people on welfare out of subsidized housing, only low-wage earners in my Ontario would qualify for subsidized housing.

People on welfare in Toronto especially are extremely destructive to government housing projects, which increases the costs of living for low-wage earners, because the government has to pay to clean up and maintain government housing projects.

Ontario gets ZERO benefit housing these welfare-loving tax cheats. Now, there are special instances for welfare, like people with physical or mental disabilities, but if you’re able-bodied and you’re not working because certain jobs are BENEATH you to do(I’m so sorry your welfare loving highness), and you’re benefiting from income tax-paying low wage workers, you’re a tax cheat, there’s no getting around it.

Low Wage earners should still be able to rent property at reasonable prices, the reason this can’t happen is that all levels of the Canadian government work to reward people and ENTITIES already consuming Welfare. The Public sector unions as an example are the beneficiaries of low-income workers, the public sector unions do not get paid based on any market fundamental, they get paid what they can negotiate with the government which then has to steal money for the wage earners.

Unions namely public sector unions are the root cause of poverty GLOBALLY! the minimum wage regulation championed by labor unions creates an excuse for people not to work. In many countries without minimum wages, everyone has a maid, to those of you who think that being a maid is beneath you because government welfare is better, you’re contributing to the destruction of this country.

Being a maid is actually a wonderful position, in many instances, a maid does a little clean-up and might sit down and watch T.V for the rest of the day in his/her private quarters. But you see, minimum wages destroy that industry altogether, because now, instead of a mother having a private maid or babysitter, now the mother has to lobby the government for cheaper childcare? meanwhile, you have millions of Canadians at home being paid to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because it’s illegal to hire anyone below an arbitrary wage set by the government. This is how dumbed down Canadian society is and the day of reckoning will come!

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Interesting times ahead!