Not entirely sure what the Canadian army wants to accomplish here: Military member with links to perceived far-right groups says he’s ‘done nothing wrong’ – September 29, 2020,

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has long been involved in Sikh related causes, some of which are questionable. One of these Sikh causes we’re still unsure about is Khalistani extremism. Jagmeet Singh has repeatedly been unable to clarify his position on Khalistani extremism.

Jagmeet Singh keeps getting asked about Sikh extremism because he won’t give an answer: Robyn Urback | CBC

Both Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau have interesting answers when they talk about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau although some call his statements a joke has said he has an admiration for the Chinese Communist Party. There is a pattern with our political leaders at the very top, that if investigated thoroughly would show up as inconsistent with the values they claim to hold true.

Yet, Canadian media as well as the Canadian military and RCMP have this obsession with English Speaking White men who don’t fit into their Leftist narrative. A Canadian military reservist has opted to be a member of the ‘Three Percenter movement’ which is a survivalist organization, he’s also joined ‘Soldiers of Odin’ which was a group that was established as a response to thousands of migrants arriving in Finland amid the European migrant crisis.

Now, I’m pretty sure if a bunch of white people arrived in the Punjab region of India as migrants looking for South Asians to take of them, while those South Asians were having a hard enough time taking care of themselves, they wouldn’t be so welcoming.

In Zimbabwe, the Government told a lot of the white farmers and one point to get out, and I don’t know if people forget, but no European country did anything about it. In South Africa I hear that whites are being targeted by far-left hate groups, white people living outside of South Africa could care less.

When society breaks down, all you have in your community. One of the reasons a lot of these ‘Soldiers of Odin’ groups are being formed is because a lot of Old Stock and native Caucasians feel like they’ve been abandoned by their governments.

Governments fall, this has happened all throughout history and one of the main reasons governments fall is because of inept governments who force things on their people. White people in general COLLECTIVELY have been the most loving and caring people on the planet.

However, there comes a time in which white people have to look out for their best interests. Now I personally don’t subscribe to any national socialist organization, but I think all people have the right to look after their own people. Jews look after each other, Black people look after each other, East Asians definitely look after each other, and South Asians look after each other. I’ve heard from Sikhs who are as Conservative as I am openly saying they will vote for Jagmeet Singh.

A lot of Conservative Black Americans voted for Barak Obama, now we can pretend that this happens because of politics are maybe we can see things for what they are? Maybe some groups of people prefer people who share their race?

People like myself, I prefer being around good people, I don’t care about race, but Canada is a free country, neither the ‘Three Percenter movement’ nor the ‘Soldiers of Odin’ have done anything the near to what the Khalistani extremist have done?

So why are they being targeted? What about them frightens the Canadian army? If Canada is invaded or we going to be this selective about who can defend our country? Is the Canadian military really going to nitpick everything? Do they not understand that regulations lead to fewer qualified applicants, has Canada not understood why we have a brain drain.

Canada has some of the best and brightest talents on planet earth and because of Government policies, we’re having a tough time attracting businesses to come here. Amazon recently said they going to be bringing 3500+ jobs to Canada, but that’s only because they can afford the regulations.

There are consequences to the actions of the Canadian government, I personally see nothing wrong with Erik Myggland. I think he’s being targeted because he’s a white Canadian male! I don’t think what they’re doing to him is right, there are a lot of Islamists in our country who have contributed nothing in terms of service to our country. Below as an example is a story completely ignored b the mainstream media

A Syrian refugee was the victim of a horrific beating by her angry and abusive husband.

I was shining a light on the well-documented problem of spousal abuse within the Syrian refugee community, and yet, my report made me the subject of a Leftist witch-hunt.

MALCOLM: Don’t let them tell you it’s wrong to criticize radical Islam |

Now when the media sweeps events like the one listed above under the rug and targets people who defend the rights and liberties of our country, how could a reasonable person not suspect that their government is turning on its own people?

I write about Islamic polygamy abusing the Canadian welfare system all of the time. Although I disagree with the law polygamy is illegal in Canada, but the Islamists have found a way around the law to the point that their second and third wives are often collecting Welfare!

None of this is economically sustainable, it’s more than reasonable in my opinion for a person to join a survivalist group especially when radical environmentalists are going to war with Canada’s fossil fuel industry? Solar panels and Wind Farms with lithium batteries can’t power the Canadian grid as it stands today.

So if Canada is heading down this environmental path, it’s wise that you learn how to survive off of the land. Furthermore, if austerity measures never come to Canada, the welfare programs that we take for granted will eventually be destroyed and when Welfare is useless, it’s wise for humans to be around other like-minded individuals.

Canada wasn’t set up to be a Welfare State in which its government picks winners and losers, we’re a free nation governed by laws, that make all humans equal. White people can’t control the decisions of others, what individuals can do is look out for what they believe is their best interests. Erik Myggland is being unfairly targeted for his race and this is wrong!

Military member with links to far-right groups says he’s ‘done nothing wrong’ | CBC

Interesting times ahead!