Canadian borders are less restricted and more refugees are entering than at the start of the Pandemic – December 24, 2021,

Some interesting information, that I’d say requires some attention is are the open borders in Canada. I’m pro-immigration, but I’m also pro-choice when it comes to almost everything including GOVERNMENT LOCKDOWNS and paying taxes. With this new variant of Covid-19, the governments of Canada, continue to push for more control over people’s lives, which from an economics perspective equate to more regulations, which in turn requires lower interest rates so the Federal government doesn’t have to pay back debt at a higher rate.

The net effect of lower interest rates, however, is that the cost of housing rises, and this makes it harder for LEGAL Canadians to get housing, let alone refugees seeking asylum. My position on immigration is simple, NO GOVERNMENT WELFARE for any Canadian I’m a firm believer in private sector welfare, meaning that if a private charity wants to provide welfare for newly arrived immigrants, legal or illegal, I think that a better solution, because, at the very least, the private charity will encourage the people in need of assistance to find a job, or contribute with their labor to the charity.

When there’s government welfare, provincial, municipal, Federal, there is little to no incentive for the government welfare recipient to contribute at the same level as a hardworking low or middle-income Canadian. Government welfare recipients NOT the rich are the biggest TAX CHEATS in Canada. Even Karl Marx with all of his economic flaws imagined the working man and women to get a fair shake. Karl Marx wasn’t referring to government welfare recipients as the poor.

Government welfare is a political position, government welfare is one of the reasons why so many people who DO NOT PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE to Canada are so eager to vote for a politician who is willing to steal from the working and productive classes and give that money to the unproductive government and corporate welfare classes.

I bring on this journey simply to point out that I find it irresponsible that Canadians are being locked down and we’re being flooded with newly arrived immigrants who by the way aren’t going to areas of the country in which they’re most needed, instead they’re coming to Toronto which has one of the highest costs of living in Canada?

Without government welfare a lot of these problems do not happen, in the case below, the refugee families are being taken care of via private charities, but as you’ll notice when you read the article, the private charities are low on resources, which should tell you and the refugees, that Toronto is probably not the best place for them to reside. These economic indicators aren’t taken seriously, because a lot of refugees are looking to hit the lottery, by lottery I mean to qualify for some sort of government welfare.

Most Ontarians have to pay market rents, people on government welfare often do not pay market rents and as we know a lot of illegals, don’t pay market rents either. Obviously, I believe the housing markets in Canada are distorted because of the Bank of Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, but Canada is a democracy and the people of Canada have voted to keep this charade going, so based on current market conditions, it would be beneficial for these refugees if they relocated to a part of Canada, that is short on labor and more abundant with housing.

I know Canada’s agricultural sector is desperate for workers and often will house their workforce, if these refugees aren’t looking to milk the system, they should position themselves to be of service where they’re most needed and where they can afford the cost of living.

At this point in the pandemic, borders are less restricted and more refugees are entering than at the start, Laura Friesen said. ‘If you can give back, then why not?’: Charity turns to Torontonians to house refugees as shelters fill up |

Interesting times ahead!