The Canadian branch of the state-owned Bank of China receives Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy – January 23, 2021,

In the event, you’re wondering why Western Governments all over the world are trying to control the internet, it’s because currently, too much financial news about what’s going on all over the world is starting to reach too many people.

During the last, I’d say 5 years Donald Trump stole all the headlines every single day, well that might be about to change and the focus is about to shift back to where it should be which are the policies that govern us. So when it comes to the Federal Government of Canada, Justin Trudeau appears to have a motto that goes something like this, it’s better to send out too much money than not to send out enough money, because after all, it’s not Justin Trudeau’s personal money, it’s the bank of Canada’s money and the Bank of Canada apparently has access to an unlimited amount of money that it can lend to as many people and entities it wants to without recourse.

So even though Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are rotting away in a Chinese jail for a political crime of Canada signing a treaty with the United States, it’s business as usual in Canada, we’re doing training exercises with the Chinese military and we’re lending the state-owned Bank of China the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)?

Now, how does this happen you ask? Well, this sort of thing happens throughout history when nations are on the decline. It’s important to remember that eventually the bottom falls out and usually the bottom falls out when people see little to no reason in being productive.

Despite what many on the Austrian Economics Right want to believe, this fiat monetary system has worked thus far better than I think the believers in big government had hoped. The main reason why so many socialist ideas are being made law recently is that the money printing although destroying Mainstreet is financing Wall/Bay-street, which oddly enough is nothing more than financing people not work or add any productive value to society.

Now, obviously, this party will end at some time, but for now, it appears to be running smoothly and that’s why when Canadian Federal Government is financing a state-owned Bank of China it’s not even worth of a top headline. The article I point to below is merely writing about tightening up the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy not abolishing it.

So I’ll explain how I know these socialist schemes tend to end, there’s usually a cashflow crisis of some sort in which inflation is forced up and there’s nothing left to do except for cut the size of government. The problem I see in Canada however is that because so many people are dependent on the government for survival, I think it’s highly unlikely that Canadians will even care about inflation in prices, because if you’re not working and if savings rates in Canada are indeed rising as Canadians are spending less, the rise in the cost of living won’t seem like that big of a deal.

In a way, this is what happened to Venezuela, one day the numbers didn’t make sense anymore, inflation crept up on people, and then hyper-inflation ensued. Now, the real problem with Venezuela wasn’t the money, the problem was PRODUCTIVITY, Venezuela had become dependent on imports and as their currency bought less and less, their business people bailed and/or were nationalized and because the government doesn’t make anything and does everything inefficiently their economy crashed.

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In Canada, we’re not there yet, nor do I image things will ever get that bad, but we do have a bloated government that’s expensive to manage, recently after qualifying for her pension the now-former governor-general of Canada Julie Payette resigned because she will be taken care for life by the Canadian taxpayer.

Now, the real question to ask is why are government people even granted these guarantees? Well, it’s primarily because of fiat money legal tender laws, and central banking. Which allows us to have a standard of living we haven’t earned yet. These events are important to remember because crashes sneak up on you and when they happen most people forget why and how they happened.

Typically when crashes occur, things are repriced in Gold, but that’s not the entire story, the real problem occurs when there is forced austerity measures because it’s during these periods in which government spending has serious consequences.

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Interesting times ahead!