Canadian businessman Michael Spavor 11 year prison sentenced used as Beijing Bargaining Chip For The Release of Meng Wanzhou, Canada’s China reliant economy exposed! – August 11, 2021,

Michael Spavor’s kidnapping is for the most part an economic-related kidnapping because, in exchange for U.S Military Welfare, the Canadian government was forced to kidnap Meng Wanzhou. This entire incident has to do with a treaty Canada has with the United States, Canada signs a lot of these treaties in exchange for American military protection, because well, you know Canadians love them some welfare and if the FEDERAL taxes Canadian pay for went to the actual Federal Government Services we need, incidents like this would never happen.

Canada is still considering using the Huawei infrastructure now, and the reason why Canada kidnapped Meng Wanzhou has ZERO benefits to us. But this is what happens in the welfare state, all sorts of silly unnecessary incidence occur.

Being that The Department of Canadian Heritage is used as means to deny Americans access to the Canadian markets, which hurts Canada’s economy unnecessarily especially because a lot of Americans love coming to Canada, Canada finds herself in all sorts of silly economic situations.

What does The Department of Canadian Heritage have to do with Meng Wanzhou? Well, it puts Canada in a bad negotiations position because after all we tariff the hell out of U.S made products, which economically makes us heavily reliant on the Chinese.

The Canadian dollar shouldn’t even be as low as it is now, the Canadian dollar is low to pay for our existing welfare state if the Canadian dollar rises to where it’s supposed to be which at the very least would be parity with the Greenback, tariffs under our existing tariff model would come down.

Which of course changes the dynamics of the Canadian and U.S economy. I always read about Quebecers and other Canadians wanting to attract top-tier talent from around the world, well, there’s very hard to do when your Federal Government is shooting itself in the foot.

Anyway, big-government welfare has given the Chinese Communist Party the economic leverage it needs to be a world power. I keep reading from Conservatives that we need to take the China threat seriously, but Conservatives rarely bring up the welfare state, instead they focus on our dwindling military presence. The Leftists are clueless, the Leftists because their ECONOMIC ideas are rarely repealed assume that economics is a confidence game and deficits don’t matter.

But in this case, this is all about the reality that China MANUFACTURERS most of our stuff, so Canada can’t go to China and say release Michael Spavor or we’ll cut you off, for you Welfare loving Canadian morons that think this is how it’s always been, now it hasn’t Canada and America in the past were both capable of manufacturing our own stuff and guess what, back then the cost of living was a lot lower.

Then what happened were labor unions became extremely influential in government, I also read about people who talk negatively about U.S auto manufacturing, and how bad the U.S made cars are, well, blame that on the Labour unions and their power over Ottawa and Washington.

The only labor union in China is the Chinese Communist Party and this is why they’re kicking the ass of the world economically. I remind you the story below is about Canadian businessman Michael Spavor, most Western business people are in Asia because their government makes it impossible to build things locally.

This is an ECONOMICS issue

Canadian businessman Michael Spavor sentenced by Chinese court to 11 years in prison for spying |