Canadian Climate Change Laws Won’t allow Manufacturing to come back so a strong relationship with China is the only hope for a Leftist Utopia – September 26, 2021,

It’s pretty pathetic to watch and listen to Canadian politicians bow to the Chinese Communist Party, but Champagne Socialists don’t really have much of a choice. The regulatory laws in Canada are not business-friendly, Canada has been dissolving into a service sector economy for a long time and this will only accelerate in the next 4 years.

As shown in the 2021 election in Canada, NDP supporters will vote for Liberals if they feel like there’s a chance the Conservative Party of Canada will win. What this ultimately means from an economics standpoint at least for the foreseeable future Canada’s reliance on China will grow even stronger. Unless there’s a financial meltdown, chances favor Canada becoming 100% dependent on Chinese manufacturing, which is obviously the goal of any Communist Regime, to be in control of the means of production.

This is how the Chinese Communist Party will stomp out complaints against their regime. Foreign Minister Marc Garneau is talking tough, but the truth of the matter is that Joe Biden released Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, I assume to get leverage with Taiwan. I personally don’t think much of the negotiation skills of the Biden administration, they appear to be very dumb people, but I’d argue Canadian voters are just as clueless as American voters, so it’s pretty clear what direction the world is headed towards

U.S. Republican senators slam release of Huawei’s Meng | yahoo

When China controls means of production, the issue for Canada moving forward will be keeping our service sector economy afloat, which will get more difficult because there’s a larger cost to import because of the carbon tax and as we’ve seen with our prior service-sector economy, wages will be stagnant as consumers low skilled workers will have fewer job opportunities. Service sector economies usually equate to only the best and brightest getting hired. With a dwindling manufacturing sector in Canada, low-skilled workers will find themselves with fewer opportunities and this reminds me a lot like what’s happening in Italy.

Canada foreign minister says eyes wide open when it comes to normalizing China ties |


Interesting times ahead