Canadian Corporate Welfare: Canadian Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne Pays ‘Moderna, Inc’ to build a vaccine plant, because doing business in Canada is too expensive – August 10, 2021,

One thing that really annoys many of us on the political Right is this perception Left-wingers have that our universal health care system is FREE. Welfare-loving, tax cheating Canadians who don’t pay their fair share and/or consume more than they produce with the help of Canada’s government-subsidized mainstream media have created this narrative that our current economy is sustainable.

Moderna, Inc is an American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that currently has a stock price of more than $480USD per share? Now, I have no problem as a private citizen investing in Moderna and taking all the risk of building a vaccine plant in Canada, but when the government is subsidizing a BILLION dollar AMERICAN Biotechnology company, I have a serious problem with that.

Moderna, Inc could easily go to its shareholders and ask them to subsidize their venture into Canada, but, the real question is why is the Canadian government getting involved? Well think about this for a moment, Barack Obama, Bill, and Hilary Clinton are officially multi-millionaires via politics.

How did Barack Obama get a net worth of $70 million? They’ll tell you books, which is partially true, but it’s mostly SPEAKING fees or working as an advisor for corporate profit-seeking clients. You see after many of these politicians leave politics, they make their money via the connections they made in politics. As an example, former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien soon after leaving politics got involved with Chinas top State-Owned Entreprises

Chrétien builds links with Chinese conglomerate | 2004 |

A quick reminder that Jean Chrétien’s government that began in 1993 and ended in 2003 built Canada’s current CORPORATISTS/Corporate Welfare economy, which for the most part has destroyed Canadian manufacturing and benefited the Chinese Communist Party greatly. I bring this up because these are the political games that are played, companies secure deals with politicians that Canadians are forced to subsidize and these same politicians enrich themselves on multiple fronts after leaving politics.

Now, the welfare loving Canadians who contribute little to nothing to this country, but who can also vote for these political crooks, are easily manipulated into believing that there’s nothing to see here, after all, if you’re being paid to do nothing, or you’re consuming more than you’re producing why should you care if the country is being sold out by politicians?

Why I’m constantly on the attack of minimum wages and the Welfare State is because incentivizing people not to work, it creates a plethora of future problems. My children have to contribute to my household, this has little to do with money or personal benefit and more to do with them understanding the role they play in my household as well as the role they play in holding together our country.

a minimum wage law denies a person the right to work, which equates to people being DETACHED from the economic realities of Canada. All the goods and services we enjoy in Canada, come from somewhere, the government doesn’t produce anything, the government consumes, the governments’ role is to protect our liberties and freedoms, not to pick winners and losers in the economy.

From an economic standpoint, if Moderna, Inc can’t make a profit in Canada, there is something seriously wrong with how our economy is structured. Now of course corporatism will be sold to Canadians in a manner that makes corporatism seem like the right thing to do, based on the circumstances? But now that this deal is official, Canadians should now know that Moderna, Inc will have no competitor, because the government I assume wants a return on their investment?

Moderna, Inc will now have a vested interest to get as much money out of Canada as possible with the backing of the Federal Government, which means Canadians shouldn’t be surprised if a new vaccine will be needed in the future, you know almost like an annual flu shot

Moderna to build a vaccine plant in Canada with federal cash, Champagne to announce |