Canadian Covid-19 Rules Ignored By Government: B.C. communities on or near the border with the United States will be allowed to travel south without undergoing a COVID-19 test to return home – November 22, 2021,

When you read certain articles you can clearly see that the government doesn’t really believe Covid-19 restrictions work, because if this virus is as deadly as the government claims, why would they allow anyone to go to the United States and return without what the government deems as measures to save lives. Restriction of travel, in general, leads to mental health problems, but I get it, it’s only when a preventable “natural” disaster occurs that it’s okay to bend the rules.

What’s happening in British Columbia is 100% preventable and in fact, people were warning about it months earlier, this has actually been an issue for years, but the overly taxed people of British Columbia had resources diverted to areas of the economy like “injection sites” instead of maintaining infrastructure and what’s even more embarrassing is when I read about how quickly they’re apparently fixing the problem, meaning that they could have prevented this problem long ago.

Many of us imagine that our tax dollars pay for and maintain infrastructure, turns out most of the money paid in taxes goes to fatten the pockets of government hacks, who do nothing but regulate the productive members of society. With that said, it amazes me how quickly the government made exceptions to its covid-19 lockdown measures.



B.C. communities on or near the border with the United States will be allowed to travel south to purchase fuel or other needed items without undergoing a COVID-19 test to return home.

Feds waiving normal EI rules for British Columbians left jobless by extreme flooding |

The EI stuff is obviously not a big deal, as we know Leftists love to throw money at problems they cause, after all, CERB was a thing for over a year. As many are aware, the governments of the world to tighten their grip on humanity would love for their FEDERAL governments to send Universal Basic Income(UBI) checks to everyone, but as we can clearly see, inflation is running rampant after trying this idiotic stunt for 1 year and because so many people are flush with cash, they’re refusing to work and the stuff money buys isn’t as abundant as it once was.

This after only a year, imagine what would happen a few years from now if FEDERAL UBI becomes the norm and everyone qualifies, when I imagined UBI, I didn’t even think about shortages, obviously, we knew it would lead to inflation, but shortages weren’t something I thought about at the time. Now, already people in B.C are having to travel to America because there are shortages?

Now, we all know the disasters occurring in B.C aren’t having everywhere in B.C, but B.C had been attacking its most productive industries for years and when the government attacks its manufacturing sectors over and over and over again, eventually, job creators leave, which is bad for Canada because it then becomes more reliant on imports. Now, obviously, trade is how we flourish, but when the government destroys jobs, there are few people interested in maintaining infrastructure.

Interesting times ahead!