Canadian dollar falls as BoC’s Stephen Poloz says economy weaker than expected? – November 6, 2018,

The Canadian dollar shouldn’t be at par with the Australian dollar, in the investment community, forex traders the expectation is that the Canadian and Aussie dollar should trade evenly. But the reality is actually much different, first thing is Australia is heavily reliant on the Chinese economy, whereas Canada is heavily reliant on the U.S economy. This is a huge difference and it’s a difference that I’ve been trying to point out for years.

Canadians forget that our economy, for the most part, has been hijacked by corporatists, I want to also point out that Justin Trudeau didn’t appoint Stephen Poloz, Stephen Poloz became Governor under Stephen Harper’s watch. To take people back to what happened under Stephen Harper, the U.S economy crashed in 2007, the Canadian economy took a hit, yes, an argument can be made that Canadian banks were bailout, but as I’ve stated in prior posts, the stock market revolves around 401K’s in the United States, Canadian banks are heavily invested in the United States economy, however why the Canadian economy didn’t take the economic hit the U.S economy took is because Canadians have a much better history of paying their mortgages and paying down their debts. Even now there are reports that Canadians are paying down debts

Canadian household debt growth lowest in 35 years as borrowing binge busts out

People forget that Canadians as a whole aren’t as stupid as figures show, this is not to say that there aren’t financial morons in Canada, but you’d be surprised to know how many Canadians there are who are not only financially responsible but who own their homes outright with money in the bank. Now, on the flipside of this are the money morons, these Canadians are the ones fueling this nonsense and the truth is most of them are speculators, which means they’re in the business of gambling or borrowing money with the expectation that the money they borrowed will come back in greater abundance.

Why I bring this up is because of what Stephen Poloz has been doing, which is either misreading the data or working for corporatists. I often refer to Canada as a corporatist nation because there are absolutely no reasons why the Loonie should be so low when we apparently have such a strong and robust banking sector. Type big 5 banks in Google and you’ll notice only Canada comes up, as Canadians we’re actually spoiled with how good our banking sector is, when I go to the United States as an example, most of the people I meet hate their banks, hate their bank services, hate everything to do with the thought of a bank.

The reason Canadians have such a favorable view of our banks is that most Canadians have never seen or experiences a bank run before. A bank run or a bank holiday is when you go to the bank to withdraw money and you can’t, this is what happened to Greece as an example and Cyprus, furthermore Canadians, for the most part, haven’t experienced hyper-inflation or deflation or bank closures. A lot of us don’t know, nor do we understand that banks do fail, can fail and throughout history, some people have lost everything because the bank they trusted with their money simply went insolvent.

I don’t bring this up to scare Canadians, I bring this up because Stephen Poloz lowered interest rates when he didn’t have too, when Stephen Poloz lowered interest rates in 2015, it wasn’t necessary, it was a scam if you ask me, why Stephen Poloz lowered interest rates back in 2015 was because of what apparently happened in the Oil patch, here’s the thing I want Canadians to understand, interest rates have barely budged since 2015 and the Oil Patch is still in the same mess it was in, in 2015.

The reason the Albertan oil patch is suffering has less to do with interest rates and more to do with regulations, but I don’t think Poloz is a dumb man, what’s really pushing interest rate policy is what will happen now id interest rates rise or are forced to rise?

The Canadian big 5 banks in case Canadians haven’t been paying attention have already positioned themselves to profit massively from the inevitable rate hikes that will occur in the coming years. I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll say it again, it’s my opinion that the economic collapse will happen under Donald Trumps watch, I think it will happen during Donald Trump’s second term, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened sooner. Why is it going to happen you ask? Trump let out Pandora’s box when he cut regulations.

A while back a wrote about Fiat Currency vs. Gold backed currency and why I preferred fiat currency, as I stated in that post as long as my fiat currency can buy gold I could care less what currency or money we’re using. Money can be replaced, despite what some people believe, money has been backed by all sorts of things, money is nothing more than a convenient form of bartering, it’s a faster way of bartering, but if you believe that money or monetary systems aren’t replaceable you and I are living on 2 different planets.

Skills pay the bills, what you know makes you indispensable, the people that have the most to fear when a financial collapse occurs are those people who are dependent on the government to survive, these are the people that accept communism, socialism, totalitarianism, corporatism, collectivism, these collectivist types, these individuals who don’t understand the biblical concept of heaven, which is based on the individual being a good person to his fellow not for fear of what another man might do to him, but in fear of what might happen to him after he/she leaves the flesh.

People who put their faith in the collective, their faith in money and greed, these types will sell their souls to the state, we’re seeing it now, and it’s one of the reasons more and more Canadians are waking up and seeing that wow, now the Liberals are demons, in the past and even in most countries today, the demons are usually the conservatives, because remember if you have a flawed conservative culture, that in itself is corruption, but here in the west what’s been happening is that science and Christianity have been engaging in meaningful debate, the issue that’s occurred however are the Atheists who believe that we should simply view creationists as relics of the past, well my dear atheists, when you remove creationists and burn their books and philosophies from your mind, guess which political ideology starts to become more appealing? Communism!

In China, no God shall be put ahead of the Chinese Communist party, and unlike Christianity which is based on choice, Communism or big government gives you no choice, no options, no way out, you must submit or be prosecuted. In Christianity God exists in the ether, God gives men, women and everyone in between a choice, God’s regulations are options, it’s been proven that Christians, real Christians that follow the bible typically have happier lives, now if you’re an atheist you might not like the lives they live, but they’re still relatively happy and peaceful none the less.

Big government people, collectivists, on the other hand, the ones I’ve met at least, not really pleasant to be around, I find them rather manipulative, you have to watch what you say around these types of people, because if you offend them even if it’s unintentionally, they’ll unleash a rath and fury on you, like you’ve never seen. Canada is slowly but surely headed down this road and it’s really not us, it’s not who we are as a people, most of us migrated to Canada for better lives whether we’re old or new stock Canadians most of us get it, we’re extremely lucky to have what we have and the moment we realize that one group is violating another group, it’s my expectation that Canadians will solve this problem.

I need more Canadians to speak out about Poloz, he’s destroying our country, there is absolutely no reason why interest rates in Canada should be so low, if you’re wondering why we have all these foreigners buying up property in Canada it’s because our dollar is low, this stuff used to be common freaking sense, Canadians used to be embarrassed about having a lower loonie to the greenback, it’s an indication of poverty, I like America, but I like my country more.

This corporatist attitude needs to go, it needs to be rooted out of Canadian culture. We’re losing our manufacturing, we’re losing everything from what? Money? I didn’t know my country was so greedy, to give Canadians a better understanding, in Switzerland, they’re currently using negative interest rates because people refuse to sell their Swiss Francs, have Canadians ever wondered why this is? First off Switzerland doesn’t have a stupid regulation called minimum wages, what this means is that the cost to start a business is closer to zero than is the case in Canada, secondly, the Swiss are intelligent voters, ask yourself a question whose the Swiss Prime Minister or President? The answer is it doesn’t matter because a Justin Trudeau wouldn’t last a day in their political system, their voters are too smart, which allows them to use democracy more effectively.

This is why money gravitates there, because most investors, the smart investors look at the demographics and the IQ’s of the demographics and based their hoarding decisions based on the political stability of that nation. In my opinion, Canada has the chance to be a global leader, we don’t have to be a leader like the United States, I brought up Switzerland to illustrate how a country can lead in a different way. But we have to start being more open and honest about what’s happening, I’m not the only one who sees what’s happening, we have time to fix this, but if it continues the economic collapse that will rock Canada will be catastrophic and again America is just a few miles away, if our best and brightest continue to migrate their a low loonie will be the least of our concern.

Fixing this problem starts with fixing the Bank of Canada, getting rid of the corporatists and having a serious discussion and debate about these regulations, these crown corporations, these Unions, and a lot of the need for a lot of these government agencies, there are a lot of special interest groups in our government and many of them are holding our economy hostage. Canadians would be shocked to see how quickly prices came down and how quickly the Canadian dollar would rise if we got rid of a lot of these government programs.

Canada, start putting more pressure on the BoC to raise interest rates, lower interest rates haven’t helped Alberta, if anything it’s made the problem.

Interesting times ahead.