Canadian Exports rose 2.8% in October, while total IMPORTS rose 7.0% 😳, Canada says the merchandise trade surplus in October grew to $2.1B – December 7, 2021


I’m always looking for positivity in the economy because if you’re going to invest, you need to know what to invest in, I thought I was going to read some positive news when I read the article I point to in this post, but the only thing positive about the article I point to below is the headline. What’s in the body of the article is actually all negatives for the Canadian economy.

Now as we know, the higher cost of energy is up not just in Canada but worldwide as the global socialists are working to make fossil fuel production more expensive, so people will consider green alternatives that don’t exist yet? The socialists have also decided to bombard the economy with regulations making it harder for innovators to create energy alternatives.

All that aside the results are clearly headed negative, imports in Canada ROSE 7%, while exports rose 2.8%, that’s a growing trade deficit, but you see, it’s smart when you can play on words and say, well there was a MERCHANDISE trade surplus this month in comparison to previous months? Sounds great on a headline, it’s just that it’s not telling the entire story, which is unfortunate.

Rising dependence on imports is not a good sign for the Canadian economy, especially because a lot of imports are coming from China, Canada has hefty tariffs on U.S producers trying to sell us stuff, and Canada’s relationship with China is one-sided at this point, they send us stuff, we send them Canadian fiat polymer notes or their digital equivalents.

This has economic collapse written all over it, but hey, who am I to ruin the party!

Statistics Canada says the merchandise trade surplus in October grew to $2.1B |

Interesting times ahead!