Canadian Fascism-B.C Premier John Horgan redefines Canadian citizenship: New B.C Nuremberg Laws will introduce Corporatist vaccine cards – August 23, 2021,

If you know anything about Democratic Socialists and National Socialists they don’t like each other, I argue they don’t like each other because they’re exactly the same. Socialists have extremely low economic IQ’s and they make up for it with what they believe is “Social Justice” meaning that in the mind of the socialist you are not an individual, you’re the property of the state, and any chance the State has to strip you of your individuality it will do so.

Now, I’m sure in the minds of Left-Wing nut cases, they believe that what John Horgan is doing is justified, but this is the common history f people wanting a Welfare State or a big government, they’re always willing to give up their rights for what they believe is “THE GREATER GOOD” Both Stalin and Hitler used the stupidity of mostly white people to push their agendas, Hitler merged WILLING corporate powers with the government, Stalin thought this was a waste of time and destroyed the private sector.

In Canada, our military I hope at least will not kill or watch its citizens die for a tyrant, however, if the tyranny has the right sales pitch a large chunk of Canadian idiots will take the bait, I include myself in this because all the protesting I’ve done, hasn’t changed the stupidity in Ontario.

This B.C experiment should serve as a warning to looming economic doom coming to Canada, what John Horgan is doing is deflationary, “show us your card, please?” But I’m not buying any alcohol? Business store owner repeats themselves “Show us your cards please The provincial mandate forces us to ask you for your papers?”. Man oh, man! no wait, was that sexiest? “people-kind oh people-kind” there I ‘goes’ catching up on my Leftist-speak!

Canada, you do know this ends in economic disaster right? Just giving you the heads up, and these economic disasters tend to occur when you least expect them to. Keyword in the article below is “CASES”

I’ve argued several times that influenza has magically disappeared for the corporatism-virus When Canadians were dying with influenza in their system NOBODY CARED because you couldn’t politicize the flu, the corporatism-virus, oh you can politicize the hell outta that—So much so that there’s no incentive to find the differences between an ever-mutating influenza virus and the Corportism virus

B.C. to introduce vaccine card for activities and restaurants as COVID-19 cases climb|

Interesting times ahead!