Canadian Fascism/Two-Tier Society: Ontario Premier Tyrant Doug Ford to Institute Vaccine Passport System – August 27, 2021

From an economic perspective, it appears Canada is headed for collapse, not only are we in debt, but the people in charge are adding more regulations to the economy. With that said, I want to point out that as of today’s date of the 563,000+ cases of the Corporatism-virus in Ontario 548,000+ recovered, 9,489 people died.

Ontario has 6 million more people than Quebec and Quebec has 11,285 deaths according to the Google corporate-virus death monitor. Doug Ford is a very fat man and if he gets sick with this respiratory virus he’s as good as dead. I saw this coming, it happened in B.C and their death count is only 1,807 and they have 5+ million people.

This corporatism virus is making a lot of companies a lot of money and this is the problem with big government health care, I can assume many health care professionals don’t want to deal with the added stress of unvaccinated people showing up at hospitals and requiring additional care, but this is why I don’t believe in forcing health care professionals to do anything.

If these dumb progressive ideologies weren’t so rampant in Canada, this would be a simple fix, for the people who didn’t take the corporatism-virus shot, they should have to pay more to see a health professional, the issue with universal health care is that there’s no out of pocket expense for the customer and therefore some Canadians aren’t even willing to do the research because it’s illegal for us to have PRIVATE SECTOR options that don’t involve using the governments’ methods.

I really wish Canadians would rethink Universal Health care, decentralization is always better. Anyway, Doug Ford is a piece of shit, and from an economic standpoint, it wouldn’t surprise me if these corporate health care measures crash the Canadian economy.

Lastly, Ontario’s overall death count in a percentage hasn’t changed much, our population has grown under Justin Trudeau’s open borders plan and we have to remember that when influenza wasn’t the main cause of death, the flu wasn’t included as a cause of death, anytime Ontario medical professionals find any traces of covid-19 even if it’s not the main cause of death it’s included as a cause of death and is included in the corporate-welfare-virus death count.

Ontario to institute vaccine passport system, sources say |

Interesting times ahead