The Canadian Federal Government’s Allegiance To The World Health Organization is causing problems for The Canadian Pharmacists Association and other Canadian health professionals – May 4, 2021,

There’s no easy way to say this, but it’s via pure Liberal Government laziness as to why Canada as a whole is having problems with the vaccine rollouts. In America, Joe Biden has been the beneficiary of Operation Warp Speed under the Trump administration, I genuinely assumed Justin Trudeau would have outdone Donald Trump, being that he’s been easy going with government spending, unfortunately, Justin Trudeau and his administration have been heavily reliant on advice from the World Health Organization which as everyone knows have changed their positions several different times.

One of the reasons Operation Warp Speed was so successful was because Donald trump left the World Health Organization, Justin Trudeau on the other hand doubled down the WHO, and because let’s be honest Canadian health professionals are not only smarter than the World Health Organization they also cared more, because they’re the ones who have to administer the vaccines and they don’t want to be blamed for killing people.

So although an argument could be made that Donald Trump was divisive, I think he got it right with the World Health Organization.  I genuinely don’t know why we need the World Health Organization? Being that this virus is apparently mutating, and Canada already has a top-heavy Universal Health Care system, adding another layer of bureaucracy is going to delay any hopes of a recovery in Canada.

This vaccine problem in Canada is quite simple, we can trust our own health professionals and stop putting trust n some foreign globalist organization that knows less about Canada than our own people. I trust the health professionals in my country and I wish the Trudeau administration would trust them too.

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Most of these problems stem from Theresa Tam who is basically our version of Anthony Fauci, now in America, their health care system is still privatized so Anthony Fauci is merely an advisor most States don’t take seriously, however in Canada Theresa Tam is far more powerful and it’s her trust and obedience to the World Health Organization which are causing a lot of these really silly problems. Canada is not a third-world nation and we should be ashamed that we even have this problem to begin with.

I trust my health professionals in this country and by that I mean I trust the people on the ground, who have to look their patients in the eye, tell a mother or a father that their children or grandparents will be fine. Whenever Theresa Tam helps to kill a Canadian she does so from a distance if a Canadian dies, Theresa Tam makes a general statement and she’s unaccountable from there.

When someone on the ground follows the advice of Theresa Tam or the Federal government, they suffer the real-world consequences of knowing that a drug they helped to administer killed a patient. I know Canadians love their Universal Health Care, but at the very least I wish Canadians would demand that our health care system be for Canadians done by Canadians.

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Interesting times ahead!