Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

The Canadian Finance Act, August 1914 that ended Canada’s GOLD STANDARD – Why I argue that Politics and not Fiat money is the problem – August 21, 2021,

Politics are often a reflection of the IGNORANCE of the masses, the Libertarian will argue that the problem is that we left the Gold Standard and because of this the government grew, blah, blah, blah I’ve always disagreed with this, I’ve even written about why I prefer a Fiat money standard. In a nutshell, as we observed in the United States via a piece of shit named Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) that the government will turn you into a criminal under a Gold Standard.

The US government created Pablo Escobar and every single Mexican cartel we know about today. Without the U.S government, the Taliban would have little to no customers for its Opium a lot of the drugs that have inflated prices are the result of GOVERNMENT REGULATION. Now, I’m not anti-regulation, as an example, I wouldn’t want energy companies to have free reign on the destruction of all of Canada’s pristine waters in the pursuit of profit, but there are a lot of regulations in existence today that should be dissolved.

What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)YouTube

I personally believe public sector unions should be abolished, I do not believe that the CMHC should be in the mortgage insurance business, I don’t think Canada Post should have a monopoly on PARCEL delivery, in fact, I don’t think Canada Post should be a Crown Corporation if it’s out national postal service then we should finance it(without unionized labour).

Excessive regulations lead to deflation in the economy and economic deflation leads to price increases. Now if you know anything about why Canada left the Gold Standard in 1914 you’d know that “the Finance Act was inconsistent with maintaining a Gold Standard. The Finance Act by the way predates The Bank of Canada.

So if you’re wondering why Canada in comparison to other countries did so well during the Great Depression it’s because we are after all derived from both Great Britain and France, both of whom we could learn from. Canada had a lot of great thinkers in our history, you may not agree with them and no they were not perfect, but they were students of history and because Canada was in a way forming a nation, the only missing piece was the politics.

Politics or I should say the Welfare State is the problem in Canada, and don’t assume that there wouldn’t be a Welfare State under a Gold or even Bitcoin standard, financial ignorance is financial ignorance, it follows you around.

Robert Kiyosaki has etched his name in the history books as the first man to define financial literacy in easy to understand language. Even Robert Kiyosaki had to sell the idea to people, by comparing his Rich adopted father to his poor biological father.

By observing the side-by-side comparison you start to see why most people are more like Robert Kiyosaki’s poor dad and why about 1% of the world’s population think like Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad. Once you grasp this, you comprehend why some people were able to look far into the future.

The Welfare State – Keynesian Economics and how it infected Canada

Keynesian Economics begins in the 1930s, it’s important to remember that most economists are career academics, John Maynard Keynes was a very brilliant man, but he was an economist and didn’t see how the Government spending what it didn’t have to build what the market didn’t want could create a welfare state.

Keynesian economists generally argue that aggregate demand is volatile and unstable and that, consequently, a market economy often experiences inefficient macroeconomic outcomes – a recession,

In easy to understand language, Keynesian economists hate DEFLATION and they assume deflation has nothing to do with POLITICS. Now what’s often ignored about the Great Depression in the United States were LABOUR DISPUTES.

Labor unions didn’t just pop up one day without demand, the issue was that the innovators/captains of industry/entrepreneurs of that era paid what they could afford and what would allow them to innovate more, and create more jobs, what the organized labour of that era wanted was money the organized labor felt it was entitled too.

Now, if you’re an economist, you’ll disregard organized labor because your end goal, if you’re John Maynard Keynes, is to make sure that when The British Government calls on you, you’d better offer them something of value. Now truth be told, during war money is a secondary issue, all citizens during a war are usually willing to make sacrifices even if the sacrifices would be illogical during normal times.

So Keynesian Economics becomes a thing and it takes off and Western governments begin to find all sorts of ways to claim the economy is DEFLATING, now when the economy is deflating, the purpose of the fiat money system is to provide liquidy for the distribution centers of the central bank.

Canada did this masterfully, Canadian private banks are all over the world, in fact, had Stephen Harper not been so politically driven, during the housing crash in the United States Canada would have felt nothing. When the 2007/2008 housing crash in the United States occurred, a few private banks in Canada got spooked and left the markets, I believe a few banks in Canada required bailouts in which they soon paid back, but the problem proved to be purely political.

Because what George Bush did, was he allowed teaser rate loans to get more votes, Canada had no such buffoonery, our buffoonery began when the Liberal Party of Canada change the role of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) which is no involved in mortgage insurance. In modern Canada, the Bank of Canada(BoC) and the CMHC work alongside each other to FIX PRICES.

Why do the CMHC and BoC work together to fix prices? Because the CMHC which is Federal Crown Corporation and involved in mortgage insurance products has the most to lose if the Canadian housing market CRASHES! The last thing the CMHC wants to do is payout insurance, not only might the Federal government want to sell CMHC at that point, there might not be any buyers for CMHC. Any buyers for a bankrupt mortgage insurer? Anyone?

This is not the fault of fiat money, this is the fault of a low financial IQ population. We have something in the world called Bitcoin now, now, the truth of the matter is that Bitcoin is worthless, but… it’s currently out of reach for most governments and therefore similar to anything else that can avoid government EFFICIENTLY there’s a value to Bitcoin.

But I want to point out that Canada has been off of a Gold Standard since 1914 and we’ve done pretty well, where the problems come in are the politics of the day, so as an example because the current Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand there still must be fiscal discipline even with a fiat money standard, Justin Trudeau has taken politics to new heights, he’s begun the process of turning Canada Technocracy

Now, do not make the mistake of believing that tyrannts won’t exist under a Gold Standard most people have no clue about money, nor do they care, the only thing important to most people is what the paper they have can buy and therefore these types of people will often sell their souls several times over without being consciously aware of it.

It’s no big deal “freedoms and liberties are overrated”, “just send the welfare check in the mail, better yet send it to me direct deposit”, “I think it’s okay to press people who don’t think like me”, “The government is only looking out for my best interests” don’t be silly enough to believe that having a Gold Standard won’t create a nation of tyrants.

Gold Standard have constantly failed because pirates want money the fast and easy way, that’s how some peoples minds are wired and you repel these types of people by ENDING THE WELFARE State. With FDR what he did was he confiscated as much American Gold as possible, and made owning bullion illegal, he then changed the price of Gold, he’s still regarded by many Americans as one of the best U.S Presidents in history.

FDR was a tyrant, but you see, during that era, there were a lot of Americans who wanted to get something for NOTHING, don’t imagine that Bernie Sanders was the first American Socialist politician, national and democratic socialism has a lot of its roots in America, Hitler learned from America and to show you that organized labor has always been the problem, the Nazi Party is actually called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

The Democratic Socialists, the Stalin types, prefer reorganizing labour, you know because with socialists they don’t imagine we are all children of a higher creator, who have a value that sometimes can not be defined by a big central government.

So again I remind the reader not get to caught up in a Gold or Bitcoin standard if you humans remain financially ignorant history will repeat itself.

History has shown that when a government gets too large the poor suffer! Most rich people don’t care about money, they’re not blinded by it, what scares people is not having the ability to make money, that’s terrifying and that’s what a public school is supposed to do for children, it doesn’t want to do this, because children often ask questions that teachers don’t have an answer for, because teaching isn’t supposed to be CENTRALIZED.

There are many ways to skin a cat, legal tender laws from my point of view are stupid. Legal tender laws are why we have a big government, but in order to escape legal tender laws, we have to do a better job educating our kids.

The one thing I really like about Bitcoin is that it’s redefining what money can be. I don’t like Bitcoin because it’s not really decentralized, it has more central points than Cash. Once cash is withdrawn it’s yours, once gold is purchased it’s yours and Canada by the way has the best bullion on the planet .9999. You won’t find that in American bullion. Bitcoin is a derivative of fiat money, if the fiat money system fails so does bitcoin, but, let’s not be confused, because Bitcoin does have a place in the event it’s illegal for you to transact digitally in fiat dollars.

I say this because financial education will give you a firm comprehension of money. In closing the problem is POLITICS, that’s what will bankrupt nations!

Interesting times ahead!