a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says The Trans Mountain Pipeline her Government NATIONALIZED will receive no additional public funds(Chrystia Freeland defends $1.3-million home purchase) – February 19, 2022,

Currently, the Federal Government of Canada owns The Trans Mountain Pipeline, they used taxpayer funds to purchase it which is beyond stupid if you ask me, based on their dedication to climate change. I’m forced to pay a carbon tax I have no idea where that money goes, and making matters worse Canada’s most indebted government goes on a spending spree, buying the Trans Mountain pipeline, when they could have simply regulated it out of existence a left the private sector to foot the bill.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline System, or simply the Trans Mountain Pipeline, is a pipeline that carries crude and refined oil from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The pipeline is currently owned by the Government of Canada through Trans Mountain Corporation, a subsidiary of the federal Crown corporation Canada Development Investment Corporation (CDEV). Trans Mountain pipeline | wikipedia.org

The reason I think the Federal Government purchased the Trans Mountain pipeline, is because it would have sent a bad precedence had they destroyed the Trans Mountain pipeline and left investors with nothing. With that said, Chrystia Freeland says the Trans Mountain pipeline will receive no more public funds, which goes to show you why Chrystia Freeland a second-generation politician, who is raising the cost of living for working-class Canadians needed her parents to sign off on a mortgage at 45 years old. For the record, Chrystia Freeland is only 53 as of the date of this publication, and Justin Trudeau her boss has been in power since 2015.

Chrystia Freeland defends $1.3-million home purchase | ipolitics.ca

Chrystia Freeland similar to her boss Justin Trudeau grew up rather privileged, Trudeau is often called a trust fund baby, Trust funds are often used to avoid paying certain taxes, and also help a person avoid personal financial obligations if they’re sued. When you understand how a Trust works and that Trudeau’s dad was both a lawyer and a politician, you get a better understanding of where Justin Trudeau’s confidence comes from.

Anyway, I think the story below is utterly ridiculous, I only wrote about it, because I find it interesting, that Chrystia Freeland Frooze the bank accounts of the peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors. You have to tell the totality of the story of Trudeau’s government because when you tell the totality of their terms in office, you see bad decision after bad decision and the only reason the Canadian economy hasn’t crashed is the CONFIDENCE in the Canadian dollar.

Tyranny will not stop spreading if tyrants are rewarded for their bad ideas. With that said, the cost of doing business in Canada has reached the point of no return and I personally don’t see inflation stopping anytime soon, meaning that what I expect to happen next are a wave of bankruptcies.

I thought it interesting to listen to some of the truckers who were protesting mandates, some of them were already deep in debt, they didn’t even care if Trudeau confiscated their bank accounts because there was nothing there confiscate, in fact, Trudeau nationalizing these Truckers bank accounts would give them an excuse to declare bankruptcy. Do you see, the financial ignorance in Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland yet? Because it should be staring you in the face.

Look, nobody can predict the future, but because I don’t believe the Bank of Canada has the heart to normalize interest rates, my mind keeps drifting towards HYPERINFLATION. Now, to be clear, Hyperinflation in Canada could mean that the Canadian dollar holds its value on the forex markets, but domestic inflation runs hot! Why I can’t see inflation stopping is because of Canada’s reliance on imports and our regulatory policies for Canadian businesses, which have forced their costs up. Carbon taxes are fixed costs, social justice regulations are FIXED costs, because the Bank of Canada refuses to normalize interest rates, mortgage and rent prices aren’t coming down, in fact, they might continue to rise, all of these additional costs, scream hyperinflation. But maybe I’m wrong, if I’m, to be honest, I’d like to see how this thing plays itself out.

Freeland says Trans Mountain will receive no additional public funds as pipeline coast soars | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!