Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly positive COVID-19 tests show INCONSISTENCIES in testing – How often are polymerase chain reaction(PCR) tests used to count Covid-19 cases? – December 21, 2021

No, first and foremost make sure you follow the advice of health care professionals and other government and/or medical people you trust. Never under any circumstance should you take advice from a random blogger. With that said, I wish Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly a speedy recovery, but… She made a public statement which I found interesting, consider reading what she said.

“I have taken a rapid test and tested positive for #COVID19,” Joly said in a social media post-Monday afternoon. “Following public health guidelines, I am in isolation and will continue my work virtually, as I have been for a number of days, until I get the results of my PCR test.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Joly tests positive for COVID-19 |

After reading that statement, one has to ask, how many times, have other been inaccurate cases published, that weren’t rescinded? The media is obviously ahead o this story but with different arguments.

Why your rapid test negative doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to go to that holiday dinner

This again proves to be problematic because obviously, it gives more power to State, but for all the wrong reasons, when you learn about this, it becomes apparent why triple vaccinated people with boosters are testing positive for COVID-19 I’m even imagining a scenario in which people are going to avoid taking certain corporate covid-19 tests.

Rapid COVID-19 tests: When to take one, and what to do if it’s positive

Now, I personally don’t think this is fair to the people who are doing exactly what the government is asking of them, people might inadvertently take an additional unnecessary vaccine primarily because one test or the other is providing inaccurate data? Furthermore adding to the stupidity of all of this potential inaccurate data is being calculated as positive Covid-19 tests, which is making all levels of government spend unnecessary resources? Maybe Mélanie Joly didn’t have covid-19, to begin with, and if she didn’t “who” is held responsible?

This is why I don’t like Canadian health officials taking advice from foreign entities, we’re ignoring obvious signs of inconsistencies in testing. Mélanie Joly should have to take an additional PCR test because the rapid testing should be either accurate or imagined to simply be used as a warning. In any other situation, the consumers would avoid using a test that proved to be inaccurate, instead, now resources are being used and false data calculated using an inaccurate testing method.

Types of testing devices for COVID-19
Most submissions to Health Canada are for 3 types of commercial testing devices:

nucleic acid-based testing
antigen-based testing
serology-based testing
There are different ways that samples can be collected to test for COVID-19. They can be collected by a health care professional or, in some instances, by the patient (self-collection), through a:

  • nose swab
  • throat swab
  • oral (fluid) swab
  • saliva sample
  • blood draw

Types of testing devices for COVID-19

In closing at the very least I’d like to see more what corporate entities are publishing POSITIVE Covid-19 test results, so at the very least we can know which tests are proven to be the least accurate!

Interesting times ahead!