Canadian Government better be on high alert for Eco-Terrorism: David Suzuki sends what appears to be a dog whistle to Radical Leftist and Eco-Terrorists – November 25, 2021,

When people get old many of them feel like they have nothing to lose, it’s become the norm for David Suzuki who let’s be clear has lived a very privileged life in Canada, to say things many of us consider irresponsible to young impressionable minds. Because PUBLIC school teachers are incentivized to be anti-capitalist, climate change hysteria has provided them a perfect tool to push for more government controls over the economy.

Currently, Leftists are using racism, social justice, and climate hysteria to push for more government control over the Canadian economy. If I were a young person and the only thing I knew about capitalism was that it EXPLOITS people, why wouldn’t I believe in this socialist propaganda? Most young people imagine that the government gets them everything, “all of those things you see on Walmart, Amazon, and other profit-driven private entities. are there because of the GOVERNMENT and those capitalists are trying to exploit us”, the government should take over the means of production so that everything can be the same as it is now except that the government is in control of everything and then we’ll have clean air, social justice, and end racism”.

In a nutshell, this is how the modern Left has framed their arguments to young people, a large enough chunk of young people imagine that the private sector provides NO value and a government for the people will make everything right. So when David Suzuki sends what appears to be a dog whistle to radical groups, it’s not a big deal, he’s being taken out of context, he’s merely saying that this is an inevitability because climate change hysteria has been so effective on young people that they’ve become radicalized.

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That’s not David Suzuki’s fault, that’s capitalism’s fault? It’s the science, the world is ending because of man-made climate change and these radicals would merely be doing their duty for humanity. We can’t keep putting profits before people, one could assume it’s an inevitability that someone or some groups of people are going to break the law for the greater good of humanity.

Now, it’s pretty clear that there are people in positions of power in Canada who are INTENTIONALLY radicalizing people, they’ve been doing these social engineering experiments for decades and many of these young people who still may not know they’ve been brainwashed and radicalized by some nefarious PRIVILEDGE rich far-left people to do their dirty work, are adults are reaching adulthood and might throw away their lives, for what they imagine is the greater good of humanity. I’m a modern-day superhero these brainwashed radicals convince themselves, history will absolve me when I do David Suzuki’s dirty work.

I always find it interesting when far-leftists in Canada want to protect or rehabilitate terrorists it’s almost like Leftists like to experiment on people? People usually become radicalized because they’re introduced to radical ideas at an early age and don’t have the mental capacity to imagine that every argument is a counter-argument, every pro has a con, every positive has a negative, every proton has a neutron.

You’re a radical when you’re unwilling to negotiate to the point that you’re willing to destroy lives for what you imagine is a greater good. Now, the real problem as many of us know when it comes to radicals is where they get their sources of information from. Education was never supposed to be politicized or monopolized this is why many people OPPOSE public schools, public schools, the CBC in order to protect their existence, are incentivized to grow the power of and influence of the government.

Now, as everyone knows, the internet has given rise to suppressed ideals of liberty and freedom. This is the death knell for believers who want the government to have the final say over people’s lives and livelihoods, so it’s only natural that evil will fight back with all the resources at its disposal, the evilest, of course, being the brainwashing of children.

Just so I’m clear, even the David Suzuki Foundation made sure it separated itself from the Suzuki comments.

Old privileged farts like David Suzuki, don’t have the heart to be eco-terrorists either because he doesn’t believe in it or because like most left-wing people they imagine that their lives are more important than the lives of your offspring. So instead similar to other Left-Wingers they send out dog whistles to people to do their dirty work for them. Now, to be fair to David Suzuki he’s not telling anyone to commit acts of terrorism, but his words make it sound like it’s an inevitability that certain people will commit these acts, based on the political climate change hysteria they’ve been force-fed since they entered this planet.

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If you’ve been radicalized by Leftists groups and organizations, please seek help, do not throw your life away for old farts like David Suzuki that were forced on Canadians. Many of us have never been fans of David Suzuki because he’s usually pushing a political agenda. If you’re young and brainwashed by these radical leftists try and remember that you’re life is special and you’re being used as a tool for these old farts.

They don’t care if you rot away in jail, they don’t care if you waste the best years of your life, these “leaders” want you to do their dirty work and your reward for doing their dirty work will be for you to do more of their dirty work. If you’re being radicalized it’s because there are people who want you to be their SLAVE!

When you feel like someone is asking you to throw your life away for their cause, reject it, you’re a uniquely special person worthy of happiness and prosperity. Do not throw your life away for pieces of shit like David Suzuki. If you believe the world is going to end, the world needs you not to protest but to INNOVATE.

Elon Musk helped to create Electric vehicles, prior to Tesla, electric vehicles looked UGLY, now, some of the best looking vehicles on the market on Teslas. Canadians have the ability to innovate and create, a lot of Leftists are terrified of this because inventors have already solved climate change. But the David Suzuki types don’t want you to know this, because if you know this it will break the spell many of these public school teachers and media personalities put on you when you were too young to know it.

If you’re young and are in complete agreement with David Suzuki, don’t be afraid to ask yourself if you’ve been brainwashed? Take a look in the mirror and have a serious discussion with yourself and ask yourself why you’re looking at David Suzuki or people who think like him, Gods? We are free human beings, we were born to be free, not to be brainwashed! Do not throw away your life on an old fart like David Suzuki!

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Interesting times ahead!