a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

a verified Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface possibly at 30+ years old

Canadian Government Makes Up a Reason To Steal Money From Its Citizens: The Freedom Convoy, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and why I’ll NEVER support a GOVERNMENT gold standard currency – February 20, 2022,

As of today’s date, Justin Trudeau who is currently the Prime minister of Canada decided to steal money from his political opponents. Although the Freedom Convoy has been peaceful, it was unacceptable to Canada’s Prime Minister, now it’s one thing to arrest protestors, it’s something else to steal money from them and tell the private banks to shut down their bank accounts

That’s what happened in Canada, and it’s something I knew would happen, eventually especially in Canada, because Canada has been a left-wing country for quite some time now and history has shown that a welfare state eventually descends into bankruptcy and once a once-great nation goes bankrupt, the governments not only become more tyrannical, they also start openly stealing from their citizens.

Now it’s one thing for them to steal their own fiat money, but it’s another thing for them to steal your gold. a Gold Standard is supposed to keep governments in check, but it never works, you’ll always hear idiots claim that gold causes wars, those are the same idiots who say guns kill people, no people kill people and tyrannical governments start wars.

When citizens refuse to give up their gold the government does what Trudeau did to his political opposition, he OPENLY confiscates their wealth. Now, because humans have gotten used to using fiat money, it’s unlikely the government will know you have gold or any liquid asset. In case you’re wondering, yes some of the people who had their fiat money stolen from Justin Trudeau also have other assets, like a house.

In Canada, we have a power of Sale process in most provinces, although I’m not sure about Alberta and currently the housing market is doing ok, so if the banks sell on the owner’s behalf, hopefully, the owners can make some money back from the sale? To be honest, I’m not sure how that all works, but moving forwards, Trudeau’s political enemies will have to use cash?

Now, if the Canadian dollar was backed by Gold, depending on the gold standard the government implemented, the now unbanked citizens to cash out their currency for gold, right? Absolutely not, if your country had a gold standard, chances are the FEDERAL government would be the gatekeepers of your gold? Maybe when you go to cash out your gold, the government says no! Now at best you have to sell your fiat dollars at retail prices.

I’m not only talking about the protestors here, I’m also talking about regular citizens, who want to protest government overreach. It’s not easy to cash out of a gold standard, that’s the argument I’m trying to make here, which is don’t expect the government not to send you to war or destroy the currency if there’s a gold standard. In a democracy, there’s always a chance that some crazy folks are put in power.

Making matters worse some citizens in a Democracy find pleasure in tyrannical governments, meaning it could be decades before the Canadian freedom protestors are compensated from Trudeau’s theft and it would hurt a lot more if in the back of your mind you knew you could have cashed out your government money for gold.

In the modern era, gold is considered as any other purchase, which is an advantage, because it’s not easily tracked, in fact it’s easier to track a person’s Bitcoin than it is to track their gold, you can always ship your gold, silver or other physical liquid assets to an undisclosed location, far from your local government’s claws.

As you’ll observe with Justin Trudeau and his tyrannical Finance minister their first inkling was to steal from their own citizens and treat them as terrorists. Meanwhile, a few days later, the police easily stopped the protestors without much resistance, meaning that Trudeau’s theft of their money was completely unnecessary. I consider fiat money COUPONS with expiry dates, never trust any money linked to the government, as long as the government money can buy you stuff, use it, but don’t hoard it imagining that its value will appreciate over time because most often the opposite is true. When the government starts stealing from its own citizens, it’s usually a warning sign that hyperinflation could be on the horizon.

Interesting times ahead!