Is The Canadian Media Attempting To Create a Narrative To Eradicate Civil Liberties and Democracy? Proud Boys Disbanded, But Canadian media needs to create an enemy to destroy – May 4, 2021,

So, the group known as the “Proud Boys” announces that they’ve disbanded, but you see, this problematic for Canada’s dying mainstream media, because they need an enemy to destroy, and the truth of the matter is that there aren’t too many large groups in Canada that you can label hate groups.

Based on my research the “Proud Boys” aren’t even a hate group, but their ideology does differ from narratives Canada’s mainstream media is attempting to employ. Most of the members of the Proud Boys are white men and they’re VOICING their displeasure with the direction Western society is headed towards.

Because the media for the most part has declared war on White men, the Proud Boys are an easy target. Most men in general when they reach a certain age embrace their individualism and when I looked at the ages of most of the men in the Proud Boys I personally couldn’t imagine a group that large remaining active forever.

Gavin McInnes a comedian was one of the main reasons why the Proud Boys became a household name. To be honest, when I first heard about the Proud Boys, I found the idea to be hilarious, unfortunately, the Left Wing Media has been protecting ANTIFA and in order to protect the ANTIFA, the media has framed The Proud Boys as this white supremacist group which justifies the existence of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

This unfortunately is what Canadian media is using to eradicate civil liberties and democracy in Canada, the media creates a monster and then scares Canadians who don’t know about the subject into believing there is this white male racist machine that wants to take over Canada. Based on my observations, most Canadians simply don’t have the time to research the truth and most don’t even care, meaning that whatever the Canadian mainstream media propagandizes often sticks.

In my younger years, I used to wonder how Hitler and Mussolini rose to power, now that I’m older I understand it better. When the media suppresses or alters the information, eventually people stop trusting the media, propaganda from any direction often leads to a dumbed-down population, which is unable to comprehend when a government is coming to Eradicate their Civil Liberties and Democracy.

I’ve been able to see things up close unfortunately millions more of my fellow Canadians haven’t, they only know or trust the sources that cater to the power structure of this country. Just being honest, I still find it comical that the Mainstream media is attempting to label the “Proud Boys” a hate group, I find myself chuckling just thinking about it, but I should take it seriously because most Canadians who trust the mainstream media genuinely believe that the proud boys are symbolic of Hitler and Nazi Germany, when in fact they’re movement was based on freedom, liberty and initially COMEDY. Hiter, on the other hand, did not want freedom, liberty, or Democracy, Hitler was a book burner.

Hitler was anti-capitalist, Hitler mainly employed Leftist tactics, they were after all National Socialists, but what the mainstream media want you to focus on with Hitler was that he and his movement was a group of White Men hell-bent on global domination. The media has been running with this narrative and they’re not going to stop because the truth is they have nothing else.

White men, in general, are now Guilty before proven innocent, therefore White men are getting a head start on embracing individualism. I often write about why the Chinese and Jewish populations often have the highest IQs, it’s because they’ve gotten used to being prosecuted. Most of the Jewish and Chinese people I meet, tend to make little to no excuses for anything, which in my mind equates to them calculating the cost of an argument.

Although Jews are known to vote Left, their behavior reminds of a people who have embraced individualism, being that a lot of Chinese people are naturally agnostic, they tend to do a cost-benefit analysis to everything, which allows many of them to see into the future a lot faster than they’re given credit for.

In regards to white men, the problem is that white men are called white men, when if they’re going to be label they should be labeled by what part of the world they came from. Race is really a silly human construct, I get it some of you love the topic of race, but I’m a man that likes to learn the history of CULTURES because in my opinion all of you humans are creatures of habit, and culture is a habit.

a Vietnamese and Chinese person might look similar and share a similar history, but their cultures are different and if you look at a person as an individual instead of collectivizing them, you’ll notice differences that will help to explain particular behavioral patterns. My issue with Canada’s mainstream media is that they’re bankrupt and they’re having a difficult time in the modern era, keeping up with the internet.

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Because the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC) has put limits on the mainstream media, the Internet has been the Uber to their MSM INTENTIONALLY REGULATED taxi. The higher-ups in mainstream media aren’t smart enough to shift to a moderate stance in fears they might alienate the people they’ve spent years brainwashing.

I often get asked from Left and Right-wingers I speak to, how do I come to the conclusions I come to? My answer is that I treat all people like individuals and I pay close attention to cultures. Race is a myth in my mind, God made all of us different so we could enjoy each other’s differences, but politically there needs to be an enemy to destroy in order for politicians to hold onto power.

In China as an example, the main enemy the government wanted to destroy was the Japanese, in China, imperial Japan was the equivalent to white supremacy in the Western World. Whenever the Chinese government wanted to galvanize the Chinese people, they’d show a movie or a media segment dipiciting the Japanese being an enemy the Chinese communist Party was put on earth to destroy.

When it comes to the Proud Boys, the Canadian media, needs the Proud Boys, to show Canadians that see, we need to end white male privilege, we all need to come together and destroy these evil white men. This is all very archaic if you ask me, but I like to write these posts to remind Canadians of the reason why Government shouldn’t be granted too much power over our lives.

Most of these people in positions of power or morons! Our culture brainwashed us into believing they’re more intelligent than us.

Despite announcing they have disbanded, Canada’s Proud Boys may not be finished, experts warn |

Interesting times ahead!

Interesting times ahead!