Canadian News: Ontario’s Conservative Premier preparing a Price Control order – March 26, 2020,

I have yet to hear current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau state that he will at least delay the Carbon Tax, The Liberal Party of Canada also expects Canadians to pay their taxes, sales taxes haven’t been stopped, all the government taxes that existed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak still exist today, instead of working to lower the cost of living by raising interest rates, Canada has lowered interest rates and in actuality allowed prices to rise artificially for imported goods.

By opening a store, the employer or owner is taking on a lot of risk, desperate people do desperate things and the concept behind capitalism is to have a lot of competition so that in the event one person decides to price gouge, their competition could use that opportunity to show the public how bad a people their competitors are. The market keeps things honest if the voter doesn’t vote to expand the size of government.

Well, the Canadian voter has voted to expand the size of government and being that Government workers don’t work for free a lot of the inflated prices Canadian pay all over Canada, have left a handful of businesses with a lot of power! Sure Doug Ford can install price controls, but you see companies are already leaving Canada because there is no profit to be made.

So although I comprehend the measure by the Ford government, this is what Canadians asked for when they demanded minimum wages, rent controls, government mortgage insurance, lower central bank interest rates, and a big fat bloated government.

When Canadians vote for Leftists, I 100% understand why! This mix messaging has to be confusing to Canadians who don’t understand Austrian economics. Why are the Conservatives only a little bit nice, why don’t the Conservatives be as nice and as Liberal as the Liberals? After all the Conservatives can increase minimum wages, increase wages, have price controls and spend taxpayer money recklessly? Anyway, I’ll stop because it’s unlikely that Canada sees the economic disaster that’s coming!

Ontario preparing an anti-price gouging order, Ford says |

Interesting times ahead!