Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Canadian Prime Minister Hopeful Erin O’Toole Doesn’t need principles or miracles, He might win by default – June 8, 2021,

If I were Erin O’Toole all I’d do is focus on freedom of speech and promise not to take the welfare punch bowl away and I think he’ll win the next election. Justin Trudeau has lied, cheated, there’s been scandal after scandal, and yet his following has been strong, there’s only one reason for this strength and its financial benefits people are getting by having him as the Prime Minister.

Where I think Justin Trudeau messed up is the freedom of speech, because let’s be honest, I don’t care how the Liberals frame the argument, the numbers show that Canadians hate Canadian media, news, and entertainment. This whole idea of the CRTC controlling the internet should be enough to get Trudeau out of office.

The Right-Wing candidate with principles is Maxime Bernier but he’s not going to win the next election, because he’s going to take the welfare Koolaid away. Canadians love them so welfare, it’s hilarious and embarrassing to read Left-Wing comments on Twitter, they’re clueless, but they’re a large chunk of the Canadian population.

Now although most Western Leftists may associate or consider themselves to be socialists, they usually value freedom of speech. Not all of them by the way, but enough of them to either not vote or vote for someone other than Trudeau. Could Trudeau win again? He absolutely can, but will he? I don’t think so.

Andrew Scheer won the popular vote, last go round and what’s holding the Liberals together at the moment is the welfare. If I were Erin O’Toole I’d promise to keep the welfare in place, Repeal Bill C-10 and lower taxes on the poor and middle class and push back against China

The less Erin O’Toole says or does the better, keep the message simple, don’t compete with Trudeau in areas in which he’s weak. I completely disagree with the article below, Erin O’Toole needs ZERO principles, most of the principled Conservatives lost their race to Erin O’Toole, Conservative faithful might not like what’s happening to their Party but consider having a conversation with the average Canadian who doesn’t think or view the world in the same way you do. When you do this a Right Winger, you’ll see why Erin O’Toole is the leader of the Conservative Party.

O’Toole needs principles, not miracles | macleans.ca

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