a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Canadian Television Sucks because of the CRTC: The Liberal Government of Canada wants to decide what should be considered ‘misinformation’ – March 22, 2022,

It’s always important to put certain era’s in their proper context, to better understand how Canada got to where it is now. To some, it’s shocking that modern Leftists want to control how you communicate on the Internet, but if we’re to be honest, both Left and Right-wingers have been trying to control how you think since this country first began.

The people in power don’t want you to think critically because it threatens their power, this is where the fourth estate is supposed to provide some value. Well, Justin Trudeau, bought up the fourth estate in Canada, which is a symbol that Canada’s media is unable to cope with modern innovations. With a media bailout, it appears on the surface, that Justin Trudeau was looking for positive press coverage, if Trudeau received negative press coverage, the Canadian media as you’ll notice will try to put a positive spin on it.

Now, if we’re to be honest, for some Canadians, this dumbing down of society has been beneficial, thinking critically, equates to substantive debates, and substantive debates will even create a more intelligent group of Leftist thinkers. In Scandinavian countries as an example, it’s hard to call their economies socialist, because the Leftists there, haven’t abandoned the free market, they’ve merely burdened it with regressive taxation.

In Canada, our politicians, don’t feel the need to explain their reckless spending, because the media has little to no interest in touching the welfare state debate. I’ll see the odd article written on the National Post about the welfare state, but it’s not a common occurrence. When you don’t talk about the welfare state, the welfare state flourishes.

If you want to know why Canadian television sucks, look no further than the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications(CRTC). Instead of me pointing the blame at the CRTC specifically, let’s call it a branch of government. Ignore his political and personal problems for a moment, can we acknowledge that Canadian-born comedian Jim Carrey is one of the greatest ever?

Well, the reason Jim Carrey could not flourish in Canada, had little to do with a smaller market and everything to do with the CRTC. Do you think that video above, wouldn’t get backlash in today’s “Woke” culture? Canada went “Woke” long ago, it’s a recent phenomenon in America, but Canadian television has been boring for a long time, because of the CRTC.

So, when the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP seek to define “misinformation” for you, they’re attempting to keep Canada bland. They don’t want Canadians to start thinking critically, because critical thinking, makes Canadians harder for them to control. In the end, Canadians will make decisions based on the evidence presented to them. So what the government is seeking to do, is limit the options available.

Now, on the surface, for many, they’ll say, what’s the big deal? The government only wants to help, well, the big deal is that it won’t stop with one “misinformation” law, that law will expand. The CRTC expanded, every time the CRTC received a complaint certain types of information were BANNED from their airwaves, which is why American television is far more entertaining than Canadian television.

You have to remember that America EXPORTS their entertainment to us. Meaning that Canadian entertainers if given the same LIBERTY to compete without the CRTC would be able to EXPORT our entertainment to Americans. Do you know how many times American family members asked me about the CFL? I bring this up because there is a demand for Canadian content in the United States and globally, but the CRTC makes our entertainment extremely BORING!

I also hope you’re not one of those idiots, who imagine that everyone acts on what they see on Television? Because Canadians potentially consume just as much U.S content as Americans, and we still remain distinctly Canadian. A lot of America’s top celebrities are born in Canada, if you imagine that these entertainers couldn’t be as successful in Canada, you’re wrong, they’re not successful primarily because of the levers of government control over the entertainment we see and information we consume.

If a Canadian content creator doesn’t get approved by the Canadian government, they have to go to the United States. If you’re not paying attention, a lot of the top celebrities on YouTube, are CANADIAN! I’m not sure how these new “misinformation” laws will be written, but it could lead to more Canadian talent headed south of the border.

Canada-reconsider putting all your trust in Big Governments!

Chris Selley: The official Canadian panic over internet ‘misinformation’ will not end well | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!