Canadian Democracy and Transfer Payments: Quebec government prefers polluting The Planet and importing Natural Gas Overseas, Quebec Government rejects $14-billion natural gas project in Saguenay, cites environmental issues – June 22, 2021,

So, first of all, I’m going to hold a gun to your head and force you to send me the money I need to pay for my bloated government, and once I receive this money I’m going to buy from your energy from your human rights-violating foreign competitors while polluting the planet in the process.


Furthermore, because I’m smarter than you Western Canadians, I’m going to establish a political Bloc, that absolves me from paying any new FEDERAL carbon taxes because after all, my government is hopelessly in debt, and if the Canadian Federal Government dares challenge me, I’ll threaten to leave?


In a nutshell that’s the relationship, Quebec has with Western Canada is one, you’d assume a wealthy province would have. If let’s say Quebec could pay its bills without transfer payments, I’d argue they have the right to do whatever they want.


The issue here is that Quebec is hopelessly insolvent and Western Canada is financing the Quebec government. Now, m stance on this issue is that The United Conservative Party (UCP) as well as Alberta New Democratic Party(NDP), have low financial IQs in dealing with this problem.

I let’s say Western Canada wants to go don the socialist road, well, at the very least the NDP should be proposing spending as much money in Alberta as possible to avoid the transfer tax, while keeping a robust economy, unfortunately, the NDP is only looking to raise the cost of living in Alberta and the NDP economic plans for Alberta, is stupid to the point, that you’d have to wonder if they’ve been co-opted by foreign communist agents.

The United Conservative Party (UCP) on the other hand, are hell-bent on taking the high road, which is silly because the more money the UCP frees up for Albertan taxpayers the more the money they donate to the Federal Government. Alberta still doesn’t have its own police force, nor does it have an Albertan provincial pension plan. Actually, that’s wrong, Alberta does have The Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) for employees of the Alberta government and other public service organizations.

This is why the NDP has a pretty strong presence in Alberta. The larger the government gets, the more social securities public sector workers will get, whereas Alberta’s private sector is reliant on the Federal Governments’ pension, which by the way equates to carbon taxes becoming a huge problem for the United Conservative Party.

How? You ask? Because if Alberta’s private energy sector continues to shrink via carbon taxes and other Federal Government regulations, not only do more Albertans lose their high-paying jobs, they also lose their private pensions, which again will make Bigger Government seem like a good idea to more and more voters.

When you compromise with people hell-bent on destroying you, you lose. Regardless of what the world thinks, Israel can’t allow the Shia Islamist political party Hezbollah to destroy Israel, Iran which is predominantly Shia Muslim has vowed to destroy Israel, well there are Leftist factions in Canada hell-bent on destroying the Alberta and these factions in Canada are not willing to negotiate.

Current Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney has shown that he’s willing to cut the size of government, but he’s unwilling to get outside of his comfort zone, to make any threats to limit Alberta’s exposure to a potentially hostile Federal government.

Quebec can do anything it wants, but its government should also suffer the financial consequences of its actions. If Quebec became an independent nation and issued its own currency, based on how its government is structured today, Quebec would be bankrupt faster than Greece was when it joined the EU, meaning its fiat currency would be worthless and quickly lose its value, thereby making it more expensive for Quebecers to import things into their country.

Now, if Quebec were to hold onto the Canadian dollar or even use U.S dollars, it would have to understand that it would no longer have a say in the printing of money. One of the main reasons the Canadian dollar is so low is because of the Quebec government, which is heavily reliant on price controls. The Quebec government has a maple syrup monopoly for Christ’s sake.

There’s a lot of power Western Canada has, but because of their leaders’ timid nature or outright stupidity, Quebec governments are emboldened. I don’t blame Quebec, I’ve seen spoiled children before, I blame the parents, not the children, when you reward stupidity you get more of it.

There is no incentive for Quebec not to be hostile to Western Canada, all I’m saying is this, Are we trying to lower Co2 emissions, or is this climate change nonsense just a political stunt, because a lot of Co2 emissions will be emitted to import foreign energy to Quebec.

Quebec rejects $14-billion natural gas project in Saguenay over environmental issues |

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