A Canadian Wealth Tax Will Accelerate The Existing Canadian Brain Drain – August 6, 2021,

Like it or not the world is currently at peace, which is good for smart and productive people because they don’t have to tie themselves the big government stupidity. Eastern Europe of all places is becoming a destination for a lot of rich people as are places like Thailand.

You see when it comes to taxes or asset confiscation if you’re going to steal from me and call it a wealth tax at the very least I want to be treated well. Wealthy people are demonized by politicians, which is why in case you haven’t been paying attention, the productive members of Canadian societies often don’t reside in Canada.

They might have their Canadian homes or businesses, they might even contribute to the political party that’s demonizing them, but they don’t live here nor do they have to live here. Being that the Canadian government is incentivizing debt, a lot of rich people are taking governments up on their offer.

Most people also tend to forget that Justin Trudeau is a TRUST FUND baby. Most people do not even know that a Trust fund is a financial vehicle to avoid paying taxes. So while Pierre Trudeau was straddling Canadian businesses with taxes and regulations, Pierre made sure his beloved child was sheltered from the tax storm.

A wealth tax is often tied to assets and individuals and most rich people have NOTHING in their names.  “Paid to the Justin Trust account” this may fly over most people’s heads, but I’m not going to write an entire post about trust funds and corporations, you can learn about them for yourself from the professionals who specialize in them.

But a Wealth Tax is a tool to lure in people who were going to vote for the Left-Leaning Welfare promising Politician anyway. It’s just when it comes to Leftist voters, they want their theft to feel like it’s justified. We’re going to tax Jeff Bezos because he’s hiring engineers and other smart people to launch him into space. How dare Jeff Bezos do that when people in Africa are starving because of their socialist governments.

I agree with the article below, but who cares if a wealth tax is passed, the brain drain will continue because the Canadian government is creating an atmosphere that punishes success. The smarter you are and the more value you have to the market, the more the government wants to punish, that sounds like an economic crash to me, I think Canadians will simply have to learn things the hard way.

The last thing I’d like to point out is if the Bank of Canada didn’t have interest rates at zero percent chances are most of these uber-rich people wouldn’t be so uberly rich! zero percent interest rates are all about protecting the too big to fails!

Philip Cross: Wealth tax wouldn’t work the way Ottawa wants | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead