Canadian women routinely travel south to have their pregnancies ended in the United States, Roe v. Wade will NOT end abortions in the United States, But Canadian media Needs The eyeballs – May 8, 2022,

When you say you’re pro-choice, you have to answer how far along the pregnancy do you think abortion should be legal? My answer depends on the State or Province. I don’t like the whole trust the science debate because the science is always evolving and my whole thing is if the doctor has to kill the baby after it’s been born, then that’s murder, if, on the other hand, the baby can’t survive without being in the mother’s stomach, that’s a toss-up for me.

If the baby’s ability to live relies on the mother, then for me that’s a CHOICE between the mother, the doctor, and God- or lack thereof, but let me also point out that I shouldn’t be forced to pay for someone else’s abortion, because my pro-choice views are based on the circumstances. Let’s say I was participating in a Go Fund Me for abortion, in order for me to support a woman having an abortion, she would have had to be raped, sexually abused, or strung out on some hardcore drugs PRIOR to her pregnancy with evidence that showed she was in some sort of rehab or was homeless… in order for me to finance her abortion.

I would never financially support a woman’s abortion because she met some random guy, had sex with him condom or no condom, and decided she wanted to abort the baby for personal reasons. For myself, my financial support would be dependent on the situation. Even if she lied and I believed her lie, she’d still have to sell her case to me, for me to financially support her choice to have an abortion.

Now, let’s be clear, there are people in this world who believe in population control and who would financially support every abortion they could afford, and that’s fine, but my stance on abortion is that I leave it between the women, the doctor, God, the State, Province, or even municipality, not the Federal Government.

Why shouldn’t the Federal government be involved in abortions? Have you seen what the federal government in both Canada and the U.S did to the economy in 2022? How did this disaster happen? Well, the Federal governments in Canada decided that they should declare war on fossil fuels, whether you like fossil fuels or not, the Federal Government FORCES you to participate in and pay for their scheme with higher prices.

Now. Making matters worse the Federal governments in Canada and the U.S don’t want to claim responsibility for the disasters they made to the economy. Meaning that Federal government incompetence gets hidden, which is damaging to us as a species, because if we keep rewarding bad ideas, civilization will fall, and we’ll have no idea why.

When the Federal Government gets involved in things, we can’t do comparative studies. I talk about a dark cloud that I think hovers around women who have abortions for unjustifiable reasons, well, suppose abortions lead to long-term mental health problems? If different States approached abortions differently we’d be able to do better studies, but with the federal government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, we can’t even observe if abortions have any effect on a woman’s mental health.

Now the article below is weird, because why would an American wanting an abortion, travel to Canada when Roe v. Wade would merely make having an abortion an inconvenience for women living in the U.S States that ban it? U.S PRIVATE health care especially as far as CHOICES are concerned outperforms Canada’s Universal Health Care model. If Roe v. Wade is repealed certain U.S states might see a surge in people who want an abortion, which I assume would help profits for those clinics.

Now in Canada Universal Health Care equates to a WAITING list in many respects, because once resources are used up for killing unborn babies, that’s it, provinces have to go to the federal government and beg for more money. The U.S has no such hindrance, government is not in charge of the U.S health care system.

In Canada, various branches of government dictate health care policy, which benefits some and is an inconvenience for others. Murdering unborn children is something a lot of Canadian women travel to the United States for, to avoid the lineups, because of Canada’s Universal one size fits all health care system

Because Progressives in Canada like to brag about how great our Universal Health Care System is, Progressives in the United States, imagine a healthcare utopia in Canada. The reality is often far different than they imagine, sure in some respects and in the grand scheme of things, there are instances in which Canada’s universal health care system is superior to the U.S health care system, but CHOICES or getting health care on Demand isn’t one of them.

The article below, I assume is an attempt not to offend the Pro-Abortion crowd? Takes an interesting approach, which to be fair, I assume the title of their article was intended not to TRIGGER the pro-abortion crowd, which even I include myself in. I personally don’t think it’s healthy to ignore what Roe v. Wade is, it’s merely Federal Government overreach. Roe v. Wade is not going to stop abortions, some U.S States have basically seceded because they don’t like the Federal government’s policy on immigration, and sanctuary cities are a thing in the U.S, so let’s cut the B.S and stop pretending that Roe v. Wade is anything but an inconvenience for women who want LOCAL abortions.

Currently, in Canada, people who are not vaccinated for Covid-19, can not use a plane, so it’s an inconvenience for them to travel, that’s basically what Roe v. Wade will be, it will be an inconvenience for pregnant women who want an abortion locally. But truth be told even if they live near the U.S-Canada border, it would probably be in the American woman’s best interests to have their abortion in the U.S because Canada’s health care system isn’t as great as Progressive Americans like to imagine it is.

Making matters worse will be vaccine statuses because America is basically opening up and Canada isn’t, so an American, might find their traveling in Canada restricted because of Canada’s strict covid mandates, which would restrict their movements even if they’re considered vaccinated by U.S standards. I don’t think it wise for Canada to pretend that it can help every American woman who wants an on-demand abortion, because we have quite a few Federal and Provincial health care regulations here that don’t exist in the U.S.

Canada welcomes Americans who lose access to abortion, but clinics say they’re at capacity |

Interesting times ahead!