Canadians be Warned The CBC is softening Leftist To Push For Authoritarian Rule: Ottawa needs a whole new approach to national security threats, “experts say” – December 6, 2021,

State broadcasters have a history of pushing for authoritarian rule, whether it’s the USSR or Nazi Germany Socialists like to soften people up for authoritarian rule, especially when the economy is on the decline. Because a declining economy typically leads to cuts in government spending and services. If the Canadian economy crashes, one of the main targets to be cut will be the ridiculous CBC budget.

There have already been cuts to Canada’s military budget and of course, when this happens, the people in charge will try to present their case for more finding in a manner it imagines the public will support

Military repairing cracks in the tails of most CH-148 Cyclone helicopters |

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, the CBC lately has been publishing a large number of articles that are pushing the narrative that Canadians should give up more of their rights and freedoms to the government so in exchange the government can give them more SECURITY. From an economics perspective, this is destructive, but if you’re a left-winger who doesn’t imagine that the ‘YOUR” government will abuse its power and well, well, you know you’re in debt or require government assistance to sustain your survival, you’ll be more than opened to the idea of giving up your freedoms in exchange for more government control over your life.

I get that if you’re a believer in Liberty, it’s hard for you to imagine Canadians accepting tyranny, but it’s already happening in Australia? What’s that you say? Australians are the descendent of the British Trash, that can’t happen in Canada? Well, apparently you’re not paying attention to the narratives being pushed by the CBC and other Canadian mainstream media outlets. Justin Trudeau’s father was very sympathetic to Fidel Castro and if you listen to the average Leftist, they consider Capitalism evil and socialism as something at least worth fighting for.

Socialists tend to imagine themselves as egalitarians, they believe in the “greater good” and because they’re easier to brainwash, as long as the information is presented to them in a manner they like, they’ll often experiment with limiting freedoms of people in exchange for government security. So don’t for a second imagine that if you don’t stand up against tyranny that the socialists won’t push to expand it.

Have you seen gun control laws lately? Do you ignore the government people who want to limit your access to them? That brainwashing campaign was successful, Universal Health care, that brainwashing campaign was successful, climate change that brainwashing campaign was successful. Just because you’re consciously aware of tyranny, doesn’t mean others haven’t dissolved into ZOMBIES!

You’d be wise to take these CBC brainwashing campaigns seriously because it’s likely that as the economy gets worse or “better” that indebted and government welfare-dependent Canadians will submit to tyrannical government edicts.

Ottawa needs a whole new approach to national security threats, experts say | CBC

Interesting times ahead!