What Canadians Should Learn About the Yellow Vest Protest in France – January 12, 2019

The only person I’ve ever listened too, that’s made what I’m about saying here part of his theme is Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain radio. The problem with what’s happening in France is the deep-rooted problem socialism causes that in actuality, in most instances takes years to explain to people, whose minds are fixated on socialist greed. France similar to Canada has a lot of price control mechanisms already in place. Now, the problem with price controls is what happens when something, anything undermines it.

A price control familiar to most people is the minimum wage, free societies weren’t based on having a central bank or taxes. Money like anything else is supposed to be free floating, open to interpretation, money is a convenient form of bartering or trade which in a properly run society equates to wealth being subjective or even open to interpretation. The government’s responsibility then is to protect life liberty and property and property doesn’t mean land, there’s also something called intellectual property. The intellectual property of Bitcoin is a derivative of Satoshi Nakamoto who devised the first blockchain database.

Prior to people deciding that they’d prefer to use a central bank, there were many ways to barter goods and services and it was up to the individuals to create a stable widely accepted monetary system. The general consensus was that Gold was the best base way to measure a person’s wealth and the system worked until the so-called great depression when instead of allowing the market to correct on its own the 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt made the decision to do what Herbert Hoover who was widely shamed for not doing enough to combat the crisis didn’t do, which was use the government to create price controls in the economy.

It’s important to know that, these schemes had been tried and failed before by free-market entities, but via greed, there were calls by people for the government to assure America and the world never experienced financial rock bottom again. So, repeating history government created entitlements, it’s kind of hard for most people to understand that minimum wages are indeed an entitlement. The problem with government intervention is that via these entitlements and the creation of income taxes, the government was able to create a huge overly paid public sector, because remember, once the government eliminates a bottom, there’s a reason for them to charge an income tax.

If there’s no minimum wage or any thought of a price control mechanism, your entire thought process changes. Instead of relying on the government for something, you take self-ownership, it also becomes in your best interest to look out for your fellow citizens well being. Now, of course, this is easier said than done, especially if alien cultures add their 2 cents and in many instances create problems that otherwise wouldn’t exist, this of course, leads to more government intervention which eventually reaches a point where the average citizen has no idea how we got to a Yellow Vest Protest in France, which is primarily the result of price controls gone wrong.

Deflationary wars differ from inflationary wars. Hitler emerged out of an inflationary war, even during the great deflationary depression there weren’t any calls for War from the United States, it’s the country that experienced hyperinflation, Germany that started world war 2, which in many ways assisted President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s economy. Had it not been for World War 2 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt would have been looked at as a failure, but the price of war gave the economy a kick start as owners of property whether physical or intellectual were compelled to contribute to the war efforts.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat and let’s be honest France is socialist, Democrats although not full on socialists are sympathetic to left-leaning causes. After world war 2 America’s economy began to slow down and the next crash was on the horizon, to prevent this crash from ever happening on his watch Richard Nixon(a Republican) in an obvious effort to save his own ass takes the U.S off the gold standard.

this, of course, leads to America’s next big boom until the 1980’s crash and then, of course, most of us are familiar with the Financial crisis of 2007–2008. Well, the main problem with the 2007-2008 crash was that this was the first economic crash where changes weren’t made to the main street economy. Typically when there’s an economic crash, people have to make cutbacks, people’s spending habits change, finding a loan gets harder etc. this time around none of that happened and because of this public services haven’t had to cut back on anything, meaning that the size of government has gotten larger, while the private sectors all over the world have continually shrunk, this has, of course, lead to unreal demands from the people towards their governments.

Now, in more conservative countries or conservative regions, whether capitalist or socialist, most people comprehend that government is only as effective as the prosperity of their private sector will allow, but in countries like France where the entitlements given to the people via the Government feel like a God-given right, it’s hard for the people to understand that if the Federal Government raises minimum wages too high in a Euro-zone economy the end result will be catastrophic. It’s important to understand that the French people demanded the federal government raise minimum wages. In Canada, as an example, our federal minimum wage stop around 1986 at about $4.00 per hour

Hourly Minimum Wages in CANADA for Adult Workers

Sure provincially, governments can create all types of incentives to bring people to the province, but what should stand out to Canadians reading this by clicking the link below looking at the chart…

Minimum Wage by Province


..is that higher minimum wages don’t equate to a larger population. What creates stagnant population growth is the cost of living. One of the major causes of stagnant population growth in Western countries is the cost of living, the moment the cost of living rises artificially you start to see behaviors amongst developed nations changing. East Asians and Europeans in many ways feel embarrassed being dependent on the Government to survive, this, unfortunately, isn’t a common trait amongst South Asians, Africans, Latinos and those in the middle east regions. Individually you can find hard working South Asians, Blacks, Latinos, and Middle Easterners but as a group, these people consume public services and welfare at levels unfamiliar to East Asians and Western Europeans.

This, of course, means that in a system dependent on income taxes to pay for the poor, the world is headed for an unimaginable economic crash. Personally, I see the collapse happening in Donald Trump’s second term in office, but who knows when it will happen. I think France is simply an accelerated version of what the world will experience in the next 2 years, I actually think there’s a very good chance that Justin Trudeau will win the 2019 election. If your heart dropped reading that, there’s actually good news to this, it’s my belief that Trudeau’s handling of the coming economic crash will finally make Canadians question Leftism.

France will have this Yellow Vest Protest in some capacity until they get to the price control problem that is socialism. A lot of public resources are being used to combat this Yellow Vest Protest, that bill is coming due, Public Servants, all of those Police officers and medical professionals working overtime have to get paid, obviously this is not a topic of discussion now, but it will be moving forward, as the France government will have to take out debt or offer some sort of incentive to prevent themselves from going bankrupt. These discussions will occur down the line when bailouts become a more dominant discussion in the Eurozone.

In Canada, what’s in store for us is a chance to be global leaders in the new emerging economy. Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada should win the 2023 (or is it 2022?) elections, I’d prefer they win 2019 however I personally anticipate the People’s Party of Canada replacing the NDP in 3rd.

My ideal scenario quite frankly would be Justin Trudeau winning by a close margin, followed by the Conservatives in 2nd and The Peoples Party of Canada finishing in third. I anticipate this will be a bad election year for the NDP because let’s be honest Justin Trudeau hijacked the NDP platform, something will be hard to remedy as Leftist rally together to make sure a Conservative Party doesn’t become Prime Minister of Canada.

I get that a lot of my readers are Conservatives, but be reminded that there are a lot of Lefties in our country that will have to learn the hard way of why socialism and price controls based on greed destroy societies.

43rd Canadian federal election

The real Yellow Vest movement in Canada will occur after Justin Trudeau wins his second term, a lot of Canadians on the Political right are going to be so hurt emotionally that Justin Trudeau won that, well, they’re going to find their own original protest, one of the things I’ve been writing about is the Alberta succession movement, but… it could be something else…

Interesting times ahead