Canadians may see a 0.5% Central Bank interest rate hike: Inflation is beating initial expectations in part because of the prolonged war in Ukraine, according to TD Bank senior economist James Orlando – May 30, 2022,


When Joe Biden became president of the United States, I wrote several articles that clearly stated, that the price of oil would skyrocket, we can pretend oil is not important all we want, but it is. It’s so important that it’s the main driving force of inflation. But you see in the modern era, the Progressives, the Socialists, and the Left Wingers, in general, want to deflect from the root cause of inflation and Putin is convenient.

Arguing with left-wing ideologues at this point is pointless because they’re in charge and the media is protecting them from scrutiny, enough people have bought into the climate change scam meaning that for some they’re okay with paying more for things as long as in their minds there is an end goal that equates to a cleaner planet.

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How do you combat this, if you’re an investor? I argue, that you simply anticipate where the money is going, and get there first. I’ve been paying close attention to the environmentalists, and they’re getting more aggressive towards the globalist, they obviously don’t agree with people like me, but they’re not satisfied with the globalist agenda, which for the most part is all about having full control over the global economy.

A one-world government, a new world order in which a few people can dictate the lives of everyone else. When I was growing up it was the Bilderberg group, in the modern era, it’s The World Economic Forum(WEF). For most environmentalists, they enjoy their freedoms, all they want is a greener planet, what WEF is promoting is whether it’s members recognize it or not is a global government.

When it appears you’re in control, it’s inevitable that you’re going to start behaving like a group of dictators, who imagine they know what’s best for EVERYONE. Sure many find this appealing, but it’s also very expensive and DIVISIVE. The Bank of Canada raising interest rates is becoming comical, as consumer price inflation rages above 5% and the bank of Canada raises rates by less than 1%.

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Why this is comical is because the bank of Canada like many other central banks is trying to avoid a crash, but obviously, the economy isn’t healthy, because a healthy economy could fight inflation. The Bank of Canada can’t fight inflation, it is hoping for some sort of innovation as big as the internet to save the economy from ruin.

The bond market will likely drive interest rates back down again, why? Because the economy is actually DEFLATING, not inflating, just because the bank is providing liquidity to the markets, doesn’t mean people want to go into debt. What people tend to forget is that the government creates regulations on the private sector, because it has the blessing of the central banks.

Trudeau and Joe Biden have created an economy that appears to want to phase out domestic oil production, which oddly enough pays a huge chunk of taxes, that pay down their public sector deficits. With Trudeau, he sent Canadians many of whom, don’t INVEST and instead primarily purchase MADE IN CHINA consumer goods, free money. Trudeau also gave a lot of them access to “free” resources. Now, obviously, when Trudeau does this the first time, he received a cash windfall, I think last year was one the Federal Government made a lot of money.

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But you see now that money is gone? and because most of this free money Trudeau sent Canadians wasn’t reinvested, the way businesses would invest, we’re starting to see DEFLATION in the economy, now not only is deflation happening in the economy, the Bank of Canada is making it more expensive to borrow money? If there was no central bank, we’d already be in a depression, but even with a central bank, the economy is deflating and there is ZERO incentive, to shrink the size of government.

In fact, most people are waiting patiently for the next crisis so governments can have another excuse to send people free cheques in the mail, but you see this is the problem when the people with high business IQ are having their money stolen from them. The money they would have had to reinvest in the economy has been regulated out of existence because of these climate change believers.

Oil companies are INCENTIVIZED to invest in the Canadian economy, this even includes investing in green energy, when they’re being told they’re being phased out and the Prime Miniter of Canada rewards people and entities with no track record of success, this inevitably leads to ECONOMIC DEFLATION. Now, because we use rule by fiat money and we have a central bank, that people to date still have confidence in, deflation can be hidden until SHORTAGES become the norm.

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You see shortages are the real problem here, domestic oil shortages, equate to more reliance on IMPORTS and once you’re reliant on imports, well then the people who control the means of production, can charge you whatever they want. Now, this also means that prices might deflate for some things and rise for other things.

You or the person(s) who controls your investment portfolios better know how to navigate through this, because if enough portfolio managers don’t this could equate to all sorts of financial problems, that could result in an economic crash. This is one of the reasons why it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Canada experiences NEGATIVE INTEREST rates, in the very near future.

Canadians may see a 0.5% interest rate hike this week thanks to ‘persistent’ inflation |

Interesting times ahead!