Canadians in Ontario Be Prepared For Much Higher Prices: GTA dump truck protests occupy MTO inspection stations, Truck collisions surging in Ontario – April 13, 2021,

When it rains it pours, when you keep kicking a can down the road, while as a government you continue to spend and regulate beyond your means, when the realities of prior government disasters hit, the crash is hard, it’s severe it’s deflationary.

So as it stands now, people all over the world are still accepting Western currencies and because of this, countries like Canada are seeing our currency appreciate in value next to other currencies, all this is happening while our various levels of government spending at a historic pace, and me Canadians are more unproductive now than any time in Canadian history.

So when the government enforces a regulation it had been promising to enforce for years, during a pandemic, in which WORKING Canadians are losing money at a record clip, what can a person say? I have absolutely no opinion or bias on this regulation because if I had a family member who died because of negligence from a commercial truck driver, I’d probably be for this regulation.

Truck collisions surge in Ontario |

On the flip side, if I was a commercial dump truck driver with a perfect driving history who always followed the law and did my best to be extra careful on the road, and I had to shell out an extra $30,000 during this pandemic, I’d be upset. So with this regulation, it’s one of those things in which the cost is going to be passed onto the Ontario consumer.

Dump Truck drivers, dump trucks in general are very important to the functioning of Ontario’s economy, if you wonder why I write about ENDING THE WELFARE STATE it’s because $30,000 would be a lot easier for working-class Canadians to come by if they didn’t have to subsidize all of these Ontarians who don’t work or say dumb things like I want a Universal Basic Income so I can become an artist.

If you’re a working-class Canadian, it’s time you wake up and see that the government welfare system and this unnecessarily large government we all have to finance needs to not only shrink but disappear in many ways. The reason this $30K is so high is primarily because of the crazy cost of living in Ontario, that’s the real problem here, working people having to finance the lifestyles of all the people WHO DO NOT WORK or consume more than they produce and what the working class to finance them!

I wish the Marxist types would wake up and realize that the Welfare State is during the proletariat into a bunch of serfs!

GTA dump truck protests occupy MTO inspection stations |

Interesting times ahead!