vs. – Which Is Better?

To start let’s point out the obvious Canva has a free option loaded with great features, so if their free option has what you need, there’s no reason to join a premium service like Designrr. On the flip side to that argument, if I’m to compare the Designrr premium features to the Canva premium features most people will side with the late.

Now, in no way based on my reviews am I calling a scam, it’s legit it’s a fantastic service, but if you’re goal is to be profitable, it should be a no brainer that Designr will help you to make money a whole lot faster than Canva ever could.

The entire Designr funnel sales process is geared towards making their customers as profitable as they want to be. Being that I’m a ghostwriter I don’t know what I would do without Designr, it helps with my freelance business, it helps me as an affiliate marketer, it assists me with my eCommerce businesses I don’t know what I do without it.

Canva, on the other hand, has a very standard business model, Canva feels corporate, it does cater to the little guy/gal but you can see based on its structure it’s looking for more of a general audience. The moment you land on the Designr website you should know automatically how their basic service will add value to your business.

So head to head, I have to go with Designr, it’s not even a fair fight, to be honest, I’d challenge you to sign up for both Designr and one of the Canva premium offerings if you trust my review.

If you’re a newbie short on cash and you can’t afford Designr don’t pass on the Canva free offer, there’s a lot of value that they give you for free and it’s a great introduction to their services. Canva is in no way a scam it’s a great service and I’m glad that they exist, but Designr is a completely different animal, as long as you have the drive to be successful Designr puts you on the right path.

When you join Designr try not to overthink what you can do with their software, just get to work. If you have employees you can get them to do the work for you. Making money online isn’t for everyone, but Designr is such a huge help when it comes to creating an ebook, if their service didn’t exist in the manner it was, there would be a huge demand for it.

Prior to Designr it was such a tedious task for most of us to design an ebook, I was actually shocked when I stumbled on their service, as I’ve stated I do freelancing and copywriting so if I’m writing something for a client, they want her eBook or brochure done right, Designr makes this so easy. Now, I remind the readers you and/or your employees have to put in the work necessary, but nothing on the market comes close to Designr. All that aside Canva does provide a good free service, and good pro service, so if you’re a newbie, don’t have any money or you’re not sure if this “make money online” thing is right for you, be smarter and stick with the Canva free plan for now.

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