Per Capita Maxime Bernier Has The Largest Liberty Movement in the Western World: Twitter Blocks Maxime Bernier Tweet – September 23, 2021,

I’m a cheerleader for liberty, but I never in a million years thought Canada had nearly 1 million Liberty voters. I’m pro Liberty, I write for Liberty, my ideology is Liberty and Freedom but my assumption is that maybe Canada had 3% of people that loved Liberty, Maxime Bernier to date got 838,670 votes, that’s 5% of Canadian voters voted for Maxime Bernier in the 2021 election.

What should be alarming is that the establishment Conservative Party of Canada had an almost repeat performance in the 2021 election, there was only 1 race that I could see in which PPC may have taken a substantial amount of votes from the Conservative Party of Canada, besides that, Maxime Bernier, for the most part, got people who otherwise wouldn’t vote to vote if Maxime Bernier is stealing votes from any party it looks like it’s the NDP and Green Party because they’ve been flat since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister and this has to be terrifying to the establishment.

I cheerlead for Liberty, but Maxime Bernier is closing in on 1 million votes, Canada has less than 40 million people, statistics show the Canadian population hasn’t cracked the 38 million mark and if you attend PPC rallies, there’s a lot of so-called minorities attending these rallies, which equates to MERIT-BASED immigration working in Canada.


Because as I like to point out Canada has a very low crime rate compared to the United States because prior to Justin Trudeau, we brought immigrants to this country who wanted to keep Canada, Canadian. Trudeau wants to strip Canada of our identity, but it appears that not even the so-called minorities want this.

I say so-called minority because race is a stupid topic, I’ll use the topic of race to drive home economic realities, but I genuinely hate writing about it, because it’s a stupid topic, culture is far more important than race, for myself culture and IQ go hand in hand, I personally think race has little to no effect on outcomes or anything for that matter, a person’s actions TYPICALLY determine their outcomes and the unfortunate reality is that some cultures encourage actions that lead to NEGATIVE economic results.

as an example, one of the weapons black people use on other black people is the fear of OSTRACISM. “You’re not black enough” traps some black people who aren’t strong enough to push back in a negative culture, this is why you’ll notice that black people who break free of the stupidity of Black Leftism often do far better than white people, most Leftist white people know this, which is why many will push the “IQ” agenda. It’s all culture, and this is why Leftists have gone to WAR with Western culture.

I often like to point out that a lot of welfare-dependent white people have the most to lose if so-called minorities start embracing liberty. Being marginalized by race is actually quite oppressive and if the liberty message is able to break through those barriers it becomes a colorless revolution, and finally, the HUMAN RACE can begin to heal and most importantly move forward to discover our true selves, without the worry of some centralized power looking to strip up of our individualism.

Anway in the meantime, Maxime Bernier has officially got a target on his back, lucky for the establishment PPC votes are currently DECENTRALIZED, so we have no representation in the house of commons. But Justin Trudeau being the divisive leader that he is, is fueling alternatives. Maxime Bernier is a hard worker for Liberty, no other Liberty Politician in the Western World works as hard as Maxime Bernier

Being that Maxime Bernier has a broad understanding of Canadian law, he comprehends that the welfare state in Canada will be around for at least 50 more years and therefore the current constraints on Liberty in Canada have to be brought to the attention of Liberty lovers.

Maxime Bernier has been reasonable but the Left sees the writing on the wall that Liberty is growing in Canada and it’s not growing in one area, it’s growing all over Canada, and well, evil does what evil does, it’s going to try and stomp it out. So to my Liberty-loving friends, get mentally prepared! 800,000+ is a lot of people and for the Left, their hope is that this number plateaus, because Liberty lovers are mindless minions that do as their masters say, Liberty Lovers are loud, they’re quiet, they’re creative they’re individualistic, which is the enemy to believers in big government, Socialism, Marxism and or centralization of power of concentration of power in a few hands.

2021 Canadian Federal election results | People’s Party of Canada Receives over 800,000 Votes 5% of total votes in Canada
Let’s grow the Liberty Message in Canada

Interesting times ahead!