Capital One Secured Credit Card

Although I don’t personally think Capital One is the best secured Credit card it has some good features the thing I don’t like with Capital One Secured Credit Card is the annual fee. Which can start at about $59 per year. The good thing with Capital One is they have services in Canada, The united States and The United Kingdom. So if you have no other option they are always there to provide their pretty good service.

Why Choose The Capital One Secured Credit Card

If you are trying to rebuild your credit or establish some sort of credit card history as a student the capitol One Secured Credit card is the perfect tool to this. If you declared bankruptcy and the banks won’t talk to you Capital One usually will even if you had your Capitol One credit card sent to collections and lost your Capital One Card in the past you can still qualify to get another secured card. So as a whole I have to give it Capital one for allowing every person to have a chance at living the American dream.

0% APR Secured Credit Cards

If you live in the United States of America and you are looking for a secured credit card that has 0% APR it will depend on your credit history and the time in which you’re applying. when I first write this post there was a promotion that was being offered however that offer has been recently discontinued.

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