Career Politician Pierre Poilievre elected leader of the Conservative party of Canada with 68% of support – Pledges to end Justin Trudeau’s Economy Killing COVID-19 vaccine mandates – September 11, 2022,



What I found very interesting about Pierre Poilievre winning the Conservative leadership race was how easily forgotten Jean Charest became; even the left-wing media forgot to write about him; the Conservative leadership race of 2022 was not close as many of us assumed; Pierre Poilievre cruised to victory, and to address the obvious, we have to talk about the former leaders of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, and Erin O’Toole. They both EASILY beat Justin Trudeau in the popular vote, and neither were as popular as Pierre Poilievre.

A look into Pierre Poilievre’s key campaign promise as he becomes new Conservative leader |

Maxime Bernier lost a close race to Andrew Scheer, and Erin O’Toole narrowly beat Peter MacKay. When it came to Erin O’Toole, his loss coincided with a lack of leadership qualities when the pressure was on. Erin O’Toole, when the pressure was on, failed to speak COHERENTLY for the Conservative Party members, instead opting to say what he assumed ALL Canadians wanted to hear. In contrast, Pierre Poilievre is more authentic, which makes for a more interesting showdown with Justin Trudeau.

The Liberals Party has a lot to lose if Justin Trudeau can not beat Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s Left may not realize it at this time, but without Justin Trudeau, they have NOTHING! I think one of the smarter things Justin Trudeau did was allow Chrystia Freeland to make the speech that she would be freezing the bank accounts of her political rivals, I personally don’t even think that was Justin Trudeau’s idea; if it was, I’d be rather shocked because when you do your research on Chrystia Freeland, she does have a book titled Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else which oddly would coincide with the radical idea of freezing the bank accounts of people who hadn’t committed any acts of violence.

Sure I could talk about the annoying, condescending voice Chrystia Freeland has, but I’ll leave that one alone because the only point I’m trying to make here is that when it comes to the Liberal Party of Canada as constructed today it’s Trudeau or nothing? One of the tactical errors the Liberal Party made was the construction of their Cabinet, which does NOT include the best and brightest the Liberals have to offer.

Instead, they tried to meet gender, racial and cultural quotas, which one could argue is the main reason why Justin Trudeau, without the help of Canada’s mainstream media, would easily be considered the most incompetent Prime Minister in Canadian history. If we’re to be honest, regarding the reign of Justin Trudeau, most of it has been because he bailed out the mainstream media.

Pierre Poilievre elected leader of the Conservative party with massive victory

One of the reasons I mentioned Jean Charest at the beginning of this post was because Jean Charest appeared OUT OF TOUCH when it came to the matters of the Freedom Convoy. I assume that Jean Charest was out of touch because of the amount of time he spends in Quebec. In Quebec, they put a lot of stock in the mainstream media, and for them, they imagine upholding the fourth estate as extremely important to being Canadian.

In English-speaking Canada, it’s easier for us to replace old ideas with newer, more efficient ideas, something Pierre Poilievre knew instinctively; it’s why Jean Charest made sure he made the rounds all over Canadian mainstream media, while Pierre Poilievre focused on SOCIAL MEDIA. Jean Charest has a very good command of the English language, as does Justin Trudeau, but you’ll notice that he left his self-promotion up to the mainstream media.

Justin Trudeau has a decided advantage in the mainstream media; Pierre Poilievre will lose the mainstream media fight. No matter how immoral Justin Trudeau is, the media he paid for with Canadian tax dollars has his back, and the fourth Canadian estate will go out of their way to dig up dirt on Pierre Poilievre for the benefit of Justin Trudeau; this is why none of us will count Justin Trudeau out.

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With that said, the numbers are interesting because the media wants Canadians to imagine that Pierre Poilievre has to go to the Centre to win an election when the evidence suggests the opposite; I have to remind the reader that in Canada, Left Wingers split the vote between the Liberals and NDP.

Recently we saw Justin Trudeau in B.C attempting to court BC voters; why? Well, Western Canadians are usually either Conservative or NDP supporters, so I assume that Justin Trudeau in order to win a snap election, will want to take voters away from the New Democratic Party propping up his government. I’ve argued several times on this blog that Justin Trudeau hijacked the NDP platform; if Canadians want to know what NDP leadership feels like, I’d argue we’re experiencing it in 2022.

So, we can’t simply assume that Justin Trudeau can’t find alternative ways to win; maybe he scares NDP voters by throwing their support behind his Liberal Party. When I say it out loud, it sounds far-fetched, but it’s still a possibility for me; I can’t bring myself to vote for the Conservative Party of Canada just to win an election because ideologically, I disagree with them on too many issues, but I can’t speak for the average NDP voter.

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If I’m an NDP voter, I sacrifice a Trudeau loss to get rid of the Liberal Party for possibly the next two decades; I remind the reader that the NDP was slowly beginning to take market share from the Liberals, and when Trudeau losses, the NDP actually has more options than the Liberals, honestly, had the NDP gotten rid of Jagmeet Singh and replaced him with someone SERIOUS, Trudeau would have been a one-termer.

If Jack Layton were still alive, Trudeau is not the Prime Minister right now; history will write that Trudeau was the beneficiary of a country in transition; with the exception of 2015, Trudeau doesn’t win a majority, and why does Trudeau win a majority in 2015? Marihuana legislation, that’s why! Although it’s old news now, the Federal government legalizing weed was a huge reason for people to come out and vote for Justin Trudeau, since then Trudeau hasn’t been popular, I’d call Erin O’Toole an inditement on Trudeau’s lack of popularity in this country, there is no reason Trudeau couldn’t win the popular vote against Erin O’Toole.

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With that said, one thing I can guarantee is Trudeau does not win the popular vote against Pierre Poilievre unless something unforeseen happens. When the expectation going into a Federal election is that you will lose the popular vote, you know the reign of Justin Trudeau is in serious trouble. When Trudeau faced O’Toole, you have to remember the goal was for Trudeau to win a majority.

Justin Trudeau, obviously imagining he’d be a better version of his dad, imagined O’Toole as weak and easy to beat; the blackface scandal was behind him, and Trudeau was looking to make history; instead, The People’s Party of Canada received over 800,000 votes, AND Erin O’Toole won the popular vote. Trudeau picked up a few more seats, but again, he’s Prime Minister today because he was strategic, not because most of the country likes him.

So Pierre Poilievre has the opportunity to put a smile on the faces of a lot of Canadians who want to get rid of these ridiculous Covid-19 restrictions that have NOTHING to do with The Science. Making matters worse is the economy,as interest rates rise, Justin Trudeau continues to spend and regulate the economy; you have to remember Justin Trudeau inherited a relatively stable economy, and he promised his supporters in 2015 that he would deficit spend because interest rates were low, well, it’s 2022 now, and interest rates are rising, and none of Trudeau’s deficit spending has led to positive cash flow for the Canadian economy.

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Although nobody is using the term right now, the Canadian economy is experiencing economic deflation; Canada was a record high private and public sector deficits is experiencing economic DEFLATION and what that means from m vantage point is that we’re headed for Austerity Measures, sure it might not look like it at the time of me posting this, but that’s where we headed.

Justin Trudeau is ideologically driven, whereas Pierre Poilievre appears more level headed, it’s not to say that I agree with the Pierre Poilievre vision for the Canadian economy, but it’s more coherent than what Justin Trudeau offers, and during economic down periods, I personally think Justin Trudeau’s inexperience is going to start to become increasingly NOTICABLE as I expect Trudeau, NOT to change his condescending personality.

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Human behavior changes when people notice their standard of living going down, and now that a bright-faced Pierre Poilievre is a viable replacement for Justin Trudeau, if Trudeau doesn’t fix this economy soon, what happened to the Provincial Liberals in Ontario, I expect, will happen to the Federal Liberals. I’ve said it prior posts that Justin Trudeau reminds me of Kathleen Wynne.

There is a very real NEGATIVE emotion Ontarians FEEL when they think about Kathleen Wynne; when I think about Justin Trudeau, I imagine he’s going to leave Canadians with that very same stench. There comes a time when voters say they’ve had enough of this abusive relationship, and they just stop showing up to support you; unlike Pierre Trudeau, if the internal support of Justin Trudeau stops, it’s over for him, so in closing, in my opinion, Pierre Poilievre would be wise to do less Trudeau bashing and more explaining his vision for Canada’s future so that potential Canadian voters can start imagining what a Pierre Poilievre led Canada looks like.

EDITORIAL: Poilievre faces a weakened Trudeau |

Interesting times ahead!