Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Career Politician Pierre Poilievre Keeping His messaging Simple: A Poilievre Government Would Work For You Not The Elites – May 13, 2022,

Although I will still likely vote for the People’s Party of Canada, I do think Pierre Poilievre has the right strategy, we’re currently living in a Progressive economy and that’s what Canadians voted for. I don’t like Justin Trudeau, I never liked him or his policies but democracy is majority rule and I don’t dispute the 2021 election results.

With that said, when you’re not winning elections, I’ve not thought it a good idea to change the Political Party, in fact when you lose this is time to SIMPLIFY your messaging so that voters can IMAGINE a contrast because as we all know Leftism doesn’t work if socialism or Progressive ideologies worked, the third world be richer than the West.

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Socialism works for a period after the socialists take over from the capitalists, but eventually, government grows too big and my wish is that Conservative politicians CUT government the moment they get into power as opposed to conserving prior stupid left-wing agendas. Conservative politicians don’t have to make the stupid mistakes of Donald Trump and make elaborate speeches and do rally’s every other day, just cut government spending, and if people don’t like it, they’ll vote you out in the next election.

What I can’t stand are Conservatives who verify Liberal spending by preserving it and in some instances expanding it. Now, I don’t know how Pierre will govern, but I like his current messaging.

A Poilievre Government Would Work For You Not The Elites

Will his messaging resonate with all of Canada? I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s unlikely Trudeau will call an early election if Pierre Poilievre is his opponent. A few things about Justin Trudeau that is very annoying is that Trudeau doesn’t answer questions, Trudeau often attempts to change the subject when he’s cornered, but Trudeau is a proven debater, so on the national stage, I don’t know how Pierre Poilievre will look opposite him?

One thing I do know is that Pierre Poilievre will like to be the most popular Canadian Prime Minister hopeful to ever lose an election if he does lose. There are certain voters who don’t care who the leader of the party is, they’re voting Liberal or Conservative regardless, the numbers show, that the Conservatives win that popular vote every single time.

Now, if Pierre Poilievre starts taking votes from the NDP, The Bloc, The PPC, and Liberals well if Trudeau still pulls off that win, you’d definitely know that tide is turning.

Interesting times ahead!