Career Politician Pierre Poilievre says he won’t change supply management in agriculture – The ‘Gatekeeper Hypocrite’ Seeks To Secure a HUGE Voting Bloc – June 29, 2022,


When it comes to supply management, you got to observe which Conservative Party Candidates were willing to SELL THEIR SOULS for power. In case you’re wondering why I have every intent on voting for the People’s Party of Canada, even though I write POSITIVE articles about Pierre Poilievre you should watch the video below.


Under the bright lights, we all got to observe both Pierre Poilievre and to my surprise, Dr. Leslyn Lewis sell their souls on national television. Now, Pierre Poilievre is a CAREER politician, meaning that it’s unclear how he would fair if he didn’t work for the government? whereas Dr. Lewis or better, I see Doctorate Lewis(although a very accomplished woman, she’s not a physician) practiced law since 2000(22 years and counting) specializing in commercial litigation and international trade practice. Commercial litigation is BIG MONEY! This is no ordinary woman.

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I bring this up because honestly, this should be a hobby for Dr. Leslyn she doesn’t need this, which for me comes across as strange that she would support Supply Management, not only supporting it but openly pushing her own agenda. I was shocked by her response on Supply Management, in her position, I personally would have said what Patrick Brown said, which in my opinion was the PERFECT answer if you want to flip flop on the issue at a later date.

Here’s where the Conservative leadership candidates stand on supply management 2022

Pierre Poilievre attempt to justify his support using the cost to dissolve it, which is a pretty good answer, because even Maxime Bernier, said he wouldn’t end it immediately if he became Prime Minister, because let’s be honest, Canadian farmers who benefit from supply management don’t know how to compete if a free market😂.

I genuinely started laughing when I thought about Canadian farmers who benefit from supply management having to compete😂 in a free market. They’re welfare queens, they couldn’t survive and Dr. Lewis is right, Americans would destroy them in a few year if not less, not because they can’t deliver a better product, but because they’re not used to competing.

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Like it or not, when humans are given options, MOST want the cheaper option, even if they’re wealthy. When I think about supply management, what I think about is how DEPENDENT Canada is on America, and the U.S dollar. I don’t want to complicate this post, because the average person doesn’t understand the Euro-Dollar, but for those of you who are following me here, this is the exact reason, why even with all the U.S debt, most people still hoard U.S dollars.

Canada has a COMMUNIST supply management system and 3 of the top 4 Conservative Party Candidates support it😂. They support it because I’m sure they went to these Crown Corporations and observed the work ethics and comprehended if these people have to compete IN THE FREE market Canadian FARMING IS DONE😂. Now before you start talking about America, I want to remind you that New Zealand doesn’t have supply management.

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To give you some perspective, if New Zealand was allowed to compete in Canada they’d kick our asses😂. Forget America, it would be open season for the Canadian marketplace. Anyway, what do you want me to say? I hate Trudeau too, but let’s stop pretending that we don’t know why there’s a demand for tyrants like him. Imagine you’re a Canadian who doesn’t understand economics, I could see why some of them would consider Justin Trudeau CONSISTENT and the Conservatives tyrannical.

I consider Jean Charest scum, but similar to Justin Trudeau he’s consistently SCUM! Cult of personality is what a lot of scumbag politicians aim for. This is why a lot of us can’t vote for conservatives, because if I vote for scum and the scum turns out to be tyrannical, I’m at fault! Whenever Trudeau does his tyrannical nonsense, I feel good within myself because I didn’t vote for the guy.

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If Canada turns into a failed state, I’ll tell my children why and they’ll know daddy didn’t support it. You can’t UNLEARN free-market Capitalism, you rarely observe me bashing mainstream media in Canada, there’s a demand for tyranny, and when you observe particular politicians selling their souls for power, you have to make a decision.

How I look at it, is I’ve done business with Chinese people and Russians. many of them talk to me and let me know their governments are pieces of shit and the first chance they have they’re getting the hell out of there. I bring this up because if Canadians want tyranny, it’s coming and when it comes you’d better toughen up because the tighter the government makes the market the more SCARCE resources will become.

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Pierre Poilievre is a career politician so don’t be surprised that when he becomes Prime Minister that he stabs you in the back! Oh yeah almost forget, Supply Management is a HUGE voting bloc in Canada. I don’t even know why Maxime Bernier wastes time running in Beauce, because whether directly or indirectly, the Quebec economy is HEAVILY dependent on Supply Management.

It’s not only the Crown corporations, there are private businesses that are reliant on this supply management monopoly. I’m pretty sure both Pierre Poilievre and Dr. Lewis looked at the numbers. Jean Charest as a former Premer of Quebec knows he can’t win Quebec without supporting supply management. I believe Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison ar against supply management, but neither are frontrunners.

Interesting times ahead!