Review Is it a Scam

The online plague is among us. As soon as Inbox Dollars did it I knew it would only be a matter of time and it’s emergence is beginning. In case your just learning about this these types of sites or actually more like freebie sites.

what’s a Freebie Site?

A freebie site allows a person usually from Canada, America or the U.K the ability to get paid to shop. If your into Internet Marketing this CPA(cost per action) marketing in it’s ugliest form. So what happens is people can sign up for trial offers and make a cut from the offer.

users can choose to stay with the trial offer or decide not to try it. For those who aren’t familiar most of the products that are on freebie sites are usually products people refuse to purchase. The problem a person faces when they sign up for a program like this one is well. you can only do it once. After you’ve signed up for all the offers there’s nothing left for you to do except refer people to the program. Or wait around for another high paying offer to come along.

It’s what i like to call the trap. Project Pay Day is possibly the best company at solving this problem in which they have a three step program plus a separate spot where section where people can refer others to program. So if you live in the U.S i would recommend signing up with Project Pay Day instead of Cash4free.

If you live in Canada, the U.K or even Australia it might be a better idea for you to check out CaliStyle101 before joining or participating in Cash4free because with Cash4Free for one thing you are going to be under paid and 2 thing your going to end up running into a brick wall eventually, unless you can refer people and if you can refer people the better question would be why are wasting time with “cash4free” lol.

When your dealing with these types of programs understand there’s no real way to financial freedom. The only people who will make money is the owners of these companies. None the less cash4free can make you money and there’s lots of proof that they really do pay.

Yes I am a member but i’m not an active member also before joing make sure you read the terms and conditions.

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