Cashback Research Review Is it a Scam

Survey sites are one of the top methods that people are using to bring some extra money into their household. Before registering at any site that offers paid surveys, it is important to check and make sure there are no user complaints, and this it is not a scam. Reviews, such as this one for legitimate, will help you make an educated decision. offers users more than one way to earn money. Filling out surveys is one, and the other is via non-survey offers called “Bonus Cash.” One of the reasons that this site does not seem at all like a scam is the fact that in their “About” section, they clearly state that by completing surveys and offers will not make you rich, nor will they even replace part-time income. One of the largest complaints that are recorded about other such sites is that they make unrealistic income promises. This site clearly does not do this. User Review

There are two ways to be compensated for your activity on legitimate, PayPal, and gift cards. Most people now have a PayPal account, but for those that do not, it is nice that the site offers an option. Gift cards are also a great option for those that wish to avoid the fees that PayPal accesses when you receive a payment. legit?

The legitimate does not create each survey. Instead, they serve as a middleman to connect their users with sites that need to collect all types of information about the way people shop, live, and think. By providing this information, users can help shape tomorrow’s products, while being paid for their participation.

Is a Scam?

There are other sites that operate in the same manner as this site. To make the most money, it is best to use more than one. Keep in mind, however, that only one member from your household can register to use this site. Multiple registrations are against the rules, and doing so will result in your site privileges being revoked.

User reviews such as this should always include a red light or all clear. Personally, I feel comfortable recommending this site. It is straight forward about what it has to offer, and is completely free to use. However, those that wish to make a ton of money by using a site such as this may want to look elsewhere. may provide you with plenty of spending money, but it will most definitely not make you the next internet millionaire.

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