KillerVideoSqueezePages Review Is It a Scam

This product is stupid simple but in my opinion it’s not for every one. This is not for you if all you have is $50 to your name because you still will have to market these products. Second thing is this is not for you if you’re lazy or if you can’t follow instructions. Understand we’re talking about custom made squeeze pages with video’s from one of the best graphic designers in the industry. Another thing to keep a note of is there are new releases of video squeeze pages every single month. To me this incredible and it’s a dream come true, i’ve personally paid $350 for a professional video on several occasions and this was just the video the squeeze page was an extra charge.

How To Profit From Killer Video Squeeze Pages

Once you have a properly designed squeeze page all you need to do is advertise, if you follow my blog you know i’m pay per click guy. I might have a slight advantage over most of you because I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now. You get VIDEO squeeze pages plus free ebooks to give away to your subscribers that will have your affiliate links in them this is an incredible value. Unless you sit back and do nothing you will see results.

How do you Marketing the Squeeze Pages?

All that will be explained to you once you sign up

Isn’t everyone going to have the same squeeze page as me?

One thing people need to understand online is that the internet is worldwide, there are thousands of advertising platforms meaning you don’t have to just stick with Google and Facebook, plus the way this program is set up it really doesn’t even matter.

Are there any extra fees?

Yes you will need an Aweber account and also you’ll need web hosting. Aweber account costs $1 for the first month and $19.99 the following month’s the key thing to understand here is you should make back this money within 30 days if you follow instructions. Now in terms of web hosting they have their own hosting provider but for beginners I typically suggest going with Hostgator and selecting their “baby plan”. In terms of purchasing a domain name for your hosting account I personally prefer Name Cheap because you can get a domain name with I.D protection for a little over $10.00

I personally don’t recommend paying an annual fee for web hosting  right off the bat. The reason I recommend getting the Hostgator “Baby plan” is because you get unlimited domains which will be important once you get the ball rolling with Killer Video Squeeze Pages. All this will be covered in their video tutorials which by the way are mostly short 5 video’s with the exception of video 4 which is almost 18 minutes long.

My Final Thoughts on Killer Video Squeeze Pages

This is a genius idea, it’s such a genius idea honestly in my opinion this is the quickest way to get a professional squeeze page online. The squeeze pages look good and the video’s you get make your landing pages look so much more professional. The best part is you get to build your list on list which basically means you can potentially make a long term residual income without having to spend the time or the money building your own professionally done squeeze page. All of this plus if you don’t like it there’s a 60 day money back guarantee for more information please use the link below.

Click Here For Killer Video Squeeze Pages Homepage

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