Bitcoin and Fiat Capital Gains: Michael Saylor Sounds like a Network Marketing Guru – Michael Saylor – Why $100K Bitcoin Next Week? – January 6, 2022

I like Bitcoin, it’s a historic piece of software, that is opening people’s minds up to the reality that money SHOULD NOT be centralized. It’s really silly to imagine grown adults hanging onto every word that comes from the Federal Reserve and other central banks. As we know in the modern era because the distribution of money is done mostly by Private banks that central banks really aren’t that central.

The Euro-dollar market exposes the reality that the Federal Reserve has completely lost control of the U.S dollar, but with that said, why then does Bitcoin in 2022 worth as of today’s date at least $40,000USD per Bitcoin. Depending on when you’re reading this, $40,000USD can pay the bills for a year for a lot of people all over the world, in fact in undeveloped nations in which governments can’t tax citizens for public services that don’t exist, $40,000USD in 2022 could last 2 or even three years.

I bring this up because a digital token like Bitcoin has done something historic, now that this is established, let’s call a spade a spade for a moment. Bitcoin’s value is due in large part because of the government’s inability to regulate it. If you want to charge a market value for Gold and Silver you have to sell it as a numismatic coin, jewelry, just something that isn’t bullion.

The true market value of Gold and Silver is purposely manipulated. The price of Gold and Silver is purposely manipulated for the benefit of BIG GOVERNMENT! But if you watch the video below, you’ll notice that Michael Saylor appears to be a huge fan of Big Government, his entire argument revolves around Big Government.

With a lot of these Bitcoin guru’s in order to counter the attacks they get from the Gold and Silver communities, they feel the need to make Bitcoin appear to be superior to gold, which unfortunately is making them, sound like supporters of BIG GOVERNMENT.

Facebooks Digital currency Project “Libra”

a few years back Facebook came up with Diem which was supposed to be a permissioned blockchain-based payment system proposed by the American social media company Meta Platforms(Facebook) but governments all over the world attacked the idea immediately, why? Because Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users!

Facebook could literally become a serious competitor to the U.S dollar, I rarely if ever use Facebook, but even I admit that if Apple, Microsoft, Google, or Facebook were allowed to have their own money? I’d be a buyer, I currently own stock of Google, Apple, and Microsoft. All three tech giants do more for my life than Big Government ever could.

Unlike Bitcoin, Google, Apple, and Microsoft actually make my life better, this blog you’re reading is on WordPress, I’d even buy WordPress currency if the option was available, the last digital central or decentralized currency I’d purchase is Bitcoin if companies were legally allowed to compete with the U.S dollar.

Bitcoin is not a private company, but whose to say Diem has to be a company? Facebook like WordPress, IOS, and windows has a lot of VOLUNTEERS working helping to make it better? What stops large companies from flourishing in the crypto space is BIG GOVERNMENT, so when I listened to parts of Michael Saylor’s network marketing push in the video below, it sounds like he’s a fan of big government?

People went to war for Gold and Silver because of big government, you have to remember in a lot of nations, Gold and Silver weren’t the medium of exchange. Gold and Silver were more scarce in Europe and the properties of Gold and Silver made it more liquid to barter.

To say Gold and Silver caused wars is inaccurate. MONEY causes wars, and money is nothing more a liquid form of bartering. People like to be able to buy what they want whenever they want. Currently, the U.S dollar is imagined to be more valuable than Gold, you can barter the U.S fiat dollar physically or digitally anywhere in the world. But… if we’re to be fair, in the modern era, in which 24-hour shipping exists, Gold and Silver could be used as paper notes as well as digitally.

In the modern era, Gold and Silver could literally remain stationary and trade all over the world on a blockchain or using the current banking system. Fractional reserve banking could still exist with Gold and Silver, however, fractional reserve banking wouldn’t work with Bitcoin if Bitcoin doesn’t have the Fiat U.S dollar to base its value on.

So when you watch the video below, you start to see why Michael Saylor sounds like a network marketing salesperson, because in reality, in this modern world, Bitcoin in comparison to other forms of barter lacks dimensionality Why Bitcoin is holding its values is all about BIG government. Big government, currently can’t regulate it, but it’s not only about the government’s inability to regulate it, it’s more about the rest of us waiting to see what those regulations will be.

One of the reasons the government is slow to regulate Bitcoin, is that well, as I pointed out what’s Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Gold and Silver we’re all waiting to see what regulations look like. You know allow a few legal precedences to be established, before making a move. The U.S government made owning Gold bullion illegal at one point, some of us remember “e-gold” that’s why there’s no infrastructure for a digital Gold and Silver market. A paper Gold and Silver is easy for the private sector to implement.

But why do all the heavy lifting, when Bitcoiners can do it for us? I’m not a Bitcoin hater, I stand by the position that I’m hoping Bitcoin will break the regulators, but when I listen to Michael Saylor, I have to say at times he sounds like a tyrant! Many of us in the Gold and Silver space don’t by Gold and Silver for capital price appreciation, we buy Gold and Silver for INSURANCE! Fiat money isn’t real money?

Gold and Silver $100,000 that would be horrible, we consume Gold and Silver, Bitcoin is software and it’s value is subjective. a reminder that Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) is currently valued at $467,274.20USD, it surpassed $100K a long time ago.

own 3 shares of Berkshire Hathaway you’re a millionaire? So although Bitcoin enjoys its high price, ask yourself if Bitcoin really is more valuable than Apple? Microsoft? Facebook? or even Gold and Silver, which have their values suppressed by the same government that Michael Saylor sounds like he’s propping up.

Even if the U.S dollar crashes, Berkshire Hathaway still might be around, there are metals and even private companies that outlast empires. Could Bitcoin be one of those? Yes, but you have to also ask yourself the question of how useful is Bitcoin if more established companies are allowed to compete with it? If empire America falls, am I going to opt for Bitcoin? The Chinese Communist Party has already shown it can shut down Bitcoin transactions if it wants to.

If I’m a merchant selling something, the last thing I want is to be imprisoned for transacting in Bitcoin, as a merchant, I’d have to do a cost-benefit analysis. So although this buy Satoshis at a higher price scheme is working right now, one has to ask themselves what’s the value of Bitcoin WITHOUT the U.S Fiat dollar?

For the record, there are multiple “MicroStrategy US” accounts all over Youtube so don’t be surprised if the video I point to in this post has been deleted once you read this. A lot of what many of these Bitcoin gurus do feels like Ponzi schemes and Network marketing, which I hope is not the case because capitalism often gets blamed when scams implode! Please do not spend money on Bitcoin you can’t afford to lose. I can’t in good faith recommend “Micro22.IO”

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