My Thoughts on – The TikTok Hype, Fake Followers, and is it sustainable?

This is NOT a review of TheViralStrategy, it caught my attention because of the link to TikTok, Addison Rae (@addisonre)is one of the richest social media influencers in the world today with a mind-boggling 88.3 Millon Followers as of the date I’m writing this post. TikTok is like an improvement to Twitter, if you’re on TikTok you get it, if you’re not well then, it’s hard to know what all the hype is about.

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Recently YouTube started posting short video clips, on its homepage, and when many of us saw this, TikTok came to mind. Short clips to match the average person’s short attention span, but you also have to factor in data plans, because if you don’t have access to free Wifi, the last thing you want is a video eating away your data.

So TikTok definitely positioned itself as a profit center for social media influencers, and Kailey Breyer appears to have developed her own system?

If after watching her presentation you’re impressed try it? or book a call with her coaching teacher. If there’s a coaching call likely you’re looking at a few thousand dollars, because to hire a closer Kailey Breyer is going to have to pay the person who calls you a portion of whatever price you pay to be coached and/or trained by her team.

Those of you who worked in sales, know how this all works, lead calls you up, you explain to your lead/customer what the boss is offering and you close, I don’t know too many closers who work per hour, typically when you close you’re getting a portion of a sale. You know the whole schtick.

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Buying fake TikTok followers(type it in Google) is why it’s hard for many of us to take TikTok seriously. I’m not saying people aren’t getting rich from TikTok, but, well, you know, the whole Chinese Communist Party connection and your data being sent to China, is why you’ll see a lot of people distancing themselves from China.

When you have children, obviously your children don’t get it, but those of us who know information is WEAPONIZED by communist governments, look at TikTok and say no thank you. Why I bring this up? Because the NUMBER of followers can be very, very deceiving and can also be used against ALL of us. Recently Elon Musk decided NOT to buy Twitter because he found out most of the accounts were FAKE! Again I challenge you to type “Buy Fake TikTok followers” into Google.

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When Twitter began banning people, a lot of the people banned, didn’t even notice a drop off in their sales or subscriptions? TikTok has a very similar problem, but Kailey Breyer is right in that TikTok is structured differently from Instagram and other social media sites in that it does a much better job MONITORING YOUR BEHAVIOR!

The average NON-political Chinese citizen, I have no problem with, most humans would rather their government not exist to DICTATE their freedoms and liberties, and if you’re born into a situation in which your tyrannical government is monitoring your movements and deciding how you should think, that’s not your fault, but it is my fault when I INVITE tyranny into my life.

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For some people, communists monitoring what you do is not a big deal, but for people like me, I’m obviously not too fond of TikTok. But in regards to growing your business or your personal brand, you should absolutely do whatever you think is necessary to take your business to the next level, what TikTok is doing is sustainable, especially if people continue to turn a blind eye to what’s happening, so if you think Kailey Breyer has what you’re looking for give what she’s offering a try.

For myself HELL NO, Again this is NOT a review! I couldn’t stomach doing an actual review for anything promoting TikTok!