Review – Is it a scam?

Click4Surveys, which you can find at, is a website that claims to help you make $500-$3500 at home simply by answering surveys. It is being promoted by a man named Daniel Cooper who went from being a man with thousands of dollars in debt to being debt-free and earning as much as $3500 at home. According to Cooper, he was able to do this because every completed survey in Click4Surveys pay him between $5 to $75.

More about Click4Surveys

Making money from paid surveys is no longer new. In fact, it has been done by millions of  people worldwide as a means to make extra money from home. These paid surveys are companies’ ways to get the consumers’ opinions. These companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to find out what their consumers think of their products. These surveys enable them to make sound decision especially when it comes to producing or changing their products or services.

It’s not clear whether membership in Click4Surveys is free or a paid one. Although it constantly claims that anyone can make money out of their survey opportunities, it isn’t clear as to how it really works. It also didn’t specify the minimum amount you have to make in order to request for a payout.

Final thoughts on is not a scam but they have their own set of criteria in deciding whether you qualify for their surveys or not. You must also not set your hope too high as most paid surveys don’t really pay that much. In fact, this type of money-making opportunity is only good for making extra money and not really to replace your full time job.

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