How to get traffic to your website without social media

How to get traffic to your website without social media

How to get traffic to your website without social media

For those of us who have been making money online for years, some of the fraudulent information online really annoys us, first and foremost if you’re wondering why this blog isn’t designed to be mobile-friendly, it was done intentionally because some of us are rebellious in nature and well, we want people to understand that we’ve been doing this long before social media became the POPULAR thing it is today. This blog you’re on right now has been here for more than a DECADE.

You might also notice this blog you’re on has little to no social media presence, yet, you’re on it anyway? Now, as you should know a blog with its own domain name needs some type of revenue in order to sustain itself correct? Well, how does a person make money and get traffic to their website without social media? The answer is simple, offer your reader some type of value and once you’ve found a way to offer the marketplace some value, do yourself a favor and write a book.

In the digital era, eBook Designer is literally the best thing since slice bread. Do you know how expensive it used to be to publish a book in the past? Furthermore, book publishing was rather centralized and if you wanted your books to be published you’d have to appease the gatekeepers. Socialist idiots like Stalin and Hitler, even modern-day commie retards like Xi Jinping of China work overtime to make sure information that might make them appear to be the idiots don’t get published.

Well, eBook Designer changes all of that and this is how people are gaining knowledge without central powers. In case the world around you doesn’t appear to be making any sense, it could be that you’re not reading, writing, or listening enough. Possibly the information you’re consuming is intentionally leaving you in the dark?

For old farts like myself, modern-day social media is Myspace with a lot more hype. I’d be lying to you if I said I see much value on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the others. Now, if I have an existing following social media can help to accelerate my PROFITABILITY, but I still think it’s a dumb idea to build your business off of social media because, in my opinion, social media is for the internet what television was up until the early 2000s.

Idiots get information from social media, just like idiots trust what they see on television. If you want real information of substantive value you read a book. Social media, television, dinosaur media are PROMOTIONAL tools for cookie-cutter ideas with little to no substance. If you’re on asocial media you’ll have to write, post, or do something OUTLANDISH in order to remain relevant, because people on social media, similar to the television are there to be ENTERTAINED!

If you want a substantive audience you write a Book and/or create a newsletter. Now, prior to digital newsletters, there was direct mail, which was something a lot of people ignored because, most people never wrote a book in their lives.

Direct mail or learning about direct mail was the result of reading books, books about business and marketing. So people involved in direct mail didn’t have to advertise on television because they wrote books that recommended their customers purchase goods and services from particular vendors. Sweepstakes as an example often the result of direct mail, sign up for a newsletter and you could win a brand new television set or $100,000 or a trip to an exotic island, this was all direct mail.

Now, digitally direct mail is Email Marketing and this is what you’ll want to master if you want traffic to your website without social media. Now, to by bass paying for traffic, I personally recommend that you consider eBook Designer and write a book about something you’re passionate about.

I write about Left-Wing idiot leaders in this post earlier, because a free market economy ends poverty and Left-Wingers know it ends poverty, but not only does a free market economy end poverty, it also makes humans harder to control. Think of socialism like an overbearing parent, who doesn’t want you to leave home, the overbearing parent, usually the mother doesn’t want you to know that you no longer need them, because if you become independent, their manipulations or their ignorances on certain topics will be exposed.

Now, a parent who is free-spirited often tells their children when they don’t know something, the over-bearing parent wants you to imagine that they’re God and that they’ll always know more than you know because they’re older than you are. Humans are free spirits and we learn from each other, nothing is fixed, nothing is supposed to be fixed, we’re supposed to have the liberty to EVOLVE into the magnificent creatures that we are and this is why I’ve been a huge fan of eBook Designer because what you want to do is have the liberty to publish your ideas.

Now, not every book is going to be a hit, but in time if you’re authentic, you’ll start to grow a following and in my opinion, while you’re growing a following, you’re going to want to use an email marketing service like GetResponse to be able to contact your clients and customers.

No because both eBook Designer and GetResponse are premium services as long as you’re not spamming anyone you won’t have to worry about abiding by social media’s political agenda. I know right now it’s popular to imagine that social media has only recently become politicized, the reality is that it’s always been politicized, it’s just that more people are using it now.

Many of us ignore social media because it was politicized DECADES ago, I still look at Facebook as Myspace, Facebook especially looks like junk to me. The only social media site I find some value in is Youtube, and only because uploading large videos to your website without Youtube is expensive. The number one thing you should do if you want to get web traffic to your website without social media is join the eBook Designer revolution.

Stop wasting time posting on Social media for free, imagine you write a long post on social media with a lot of value and the owners of that social media site, don’t like it and remove it? That’s a waste of your time, when you’re a member of eBook Designer you own what you write and you can save what you write on their platform or save it on your hard drive.

If you’re offering value don’t allow social media to own your content, take possession of your content with eBook Designer. After you’ve written a book, you’ll want to direct your followers to your email list, this is where PREMIUM email marketing services like GetResponse offer a lot of value. You’ll definitely want to consider them.

If you’ve been banned from social media, it’s not a big deal, it’s only a big deal if you gave them rights over your content. Socal media banned the President of the United States, who cares if you liked, him or not, they banned him, so if they can ban him, they can ban you, so why waste any time on social media? Social media makes more sense AFTER you have a following because when you have a solid following, social media is only the icing on the cake.

Do yourself a favor, stop saying follow me on social media, it sounds so backward, you should be saying “subscribe to my newsletter so I can communicate with you DIRECTLY!” or “visit my website or blog to learn more”. I wish you all the best.

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