Moron Morneau Has a problem picking economic winners and losers – March 24, 2019

Now, that I have a Villa in France, screw the rest of you piece of shit Canadians trying to join me in my position of opulence. Yeah you read that correctly, now that I got the money and I found loopholes in the Canadian financial system, here’s what I propose, you’re not allowed to do the same thing I did, because as the financial ruler over you lowly Canadians I deem it wise that you entrepreneurs are demonic in nature, therefore I will assure my buddies who’ve already made it to this position of opulence remain protected and taken care of while you greedy, self-centered lowlifes who dare to join us up here on the top of the economic ladder are treated as subjects of the State.

I wrote about this years ago and I blame Stephen Harper for this madness. I’ve been writing about Canadians leaving the church for years and when most Canadians leave the church and they have children who are raised, secularists, educate me, on why children who were brought up in public schools, wouldn’t assume that idiots like Bill Morneau we’re making economic decisions whereby the government picks economic winners and losers for the greater good?

Come on sell me on it? Sell it to me atheists who believe there isn’t a heaven or hell? Universal ethics you say? Well there’s no God, and I have a low IQ, sell me on why I should follow your universal ethics if there’s no heaven and no hell?

Anyway, Bill Morneau adopted a black baby, so he’s more virtuous than you, so there! Umm yeah, so Bill Morneau obviously has to adhere to the lobby groups that paid him the most money, so obviously, he’s been doing everything in his power to assure that the demands of the people that put him in his position of power are met. You stupid white people want a welfare state, well there you have it. Oh, White nationalism you say, let’s attract European immigrants you say, let’s stop immigration you say, how about ending the welfare state?

Oh, of course, you don’t want that, because you remember the last time the government was small, you’d have to go to Christian food banks if you were poor, so sad! or even worse learn Christian doctrines which focus on rehabilitating the individual instead of the collective. Oh no, that sounds too hard, why don’t instead vote for welfare? Let’s instead behave the way the south and east Asians, the blacks and middle eastern behave, let’s instead practice white collectivism!


You know a cast system were whites get so much welfare that they eventually decide to that certain jobs are beneath them, but you see job vacancies need to be filled so the government brings in the smartest immigrants from third world countries to do the jobs a certain group of entitled whites doesn’t want to do, then you know what else we’ll do is we’ll install price controls, yeah, so minimum wages will prevent migrants from lowering wages and then guess what else we’ll do, then we’ll go to the Bank of Canada and demand that the Loonie is lower than the U.S dollar, it’s genius and then lastly once we’ve done all of this we’ll create lobby groups who will make sure our politicians either act ignorant or in Justin Trudeau’s case actually be ignorant to all what’s happening. You white people who set this system up in Canada are stupid as hell, come back to Christ! I’m not backing down from my statements! This system we have in Canada is demonic, you people have chosen greed!


Death knell for basic income: How participants will spend their last cheque – (By Laurie Monsebraaten Social Justice Reporter)

White People Love The Welfare State!

White People Love The Welfare State!

Anyway enough of my ranting.

As a person who lives in Toronto, you want to know what a lot of these economic migrants hate? a society without price controls and welfare. This is common freaking sense, it’s not like economic migrants are banging down the doors of every European derived nation, they’re going to specific European nations, you know the nations with price controls, welfare, and very secular laws, that in time become subjective. Sounds like a great idea if you ask me!

So Bill Morneau like many of you white collectivists is simply doing what he’s supposed to do, protect his buddies, screw you, little people, you want collectivism in a secular democracy? BAM you got it! Nothing that the Liberals do surprise me, there’s no way in hell I’m voting for Scheer! Stephen Harper created Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau was the same idiot that was campaigning, the same idiot that democracy hired, if Stephen Harper at the very least explained how the Canadian economy functions, secularist Canadians wouldn’t assume that money grows on trees and deficits don’t matter.

Congrats to all the economic winners of Bill Morneau’s new pyramid tax scheme, consider reading the legitimate articles below, from legitimate sources to learn more about the legend Bill Morneau will help us in destroying the Canadian economy our ancestors helped us to build.

Interesting times ahead!