Democratic Socialism the end of Venezuela’s Oil era, Joe Biden Plans to ‘Transition’ Away From Oil and Justin Trudeau’s destruction of Alberta, Canada – October 23, 2020,

Canada and the United States would be wise not to ignore what Democratic socialism did to the Venezuelan economy. Democratic Socialism is taking over Canadian politics and if Joe Biden wins the 2020 U.S election, Democratic socialism will obviously begin creeping into the United States and Joe Biden openly talks about packing the courts in order to appease his Democratic Socialist base.

The oil that made Venezuela the richest nation on earth because of Democratic Socialism has now been weaponized by their socialist government and because no human being likes to be pushed around by anyone their entire lives let alone the government, the Venezuelan brain drain saw all their smart people leave or become unproductive, which led to the end of the Venezuelan il era.

Now, let me be clear, Venezuela was a democracy until the Democratic socialist took over and turned Venezuelan courts into Kangaroo courts.

The End Of Venezuela’s Oil Era |

Justice was replaced by democratic socialist politicians and bureaucrats who cared nothing about justice, they only wanted to appease the mob. Openly lying is something both Joe Biden and Barack Obama do, candidate Barack Obama also lied during the campaign trail and it worked for him, primarily because his opposition refused to call Obama out on his lies, Joe Biden has had to deal with Donald Trump, who does lie from time to time, but when 2 politicians are caught lying the one who wins is the one who shows better results, so far Trump’s economy looks better than Barack Obamas ever could and unlike Barack Obama, there has been no walk on Wall Street under Trump, because Trump hasn’t pretended to be something he’s not. Barack Obama was voted in for change, Donald Trump was voted in to bring back Capitalism.

I would say both were failures at their stated objective, but at least they were worth the price of admission. Joe Biden isn’t likable and lies openly, if Joe Biden wins, America’s road to democratic socialism gets closer especially as Joe Biden talks about raising the FEDERAL minimum wage to $15 just like Bernie Sanders told him to do.

Joe Biden doesn’t appear to have leadership qualities, but he still could win the White House and because nobody knows his positions on issues, you’d have to assume that a Biden win is bad for Oil production in the United States and the point many of us try to make is that we’re not there yet with renewables, now we could be there, but the environmentalists hate nuclear power.

So in the end, we all know that environmentalists are really socialists and their fear of Nuclear Power is that if the world ends up like France, which has nuclear power plants all over their country, the environmentalist can no longer complain about air or water quality, which gives them zero excuses for a carbon tax as an example.

Biden is very bad for markets and the U.S dollar because we have to anticipate that he’s going to be somewhere in the middle of his democratic socialist rhetoric, the problem with democratic socialism is that the specifics which revolve around tinkering with the free market, will lead to businesses needing to pay expensive tax professionals to properly interpret the new Biden regulations. This is all sorts of bad, and Bidens incompetence to clarify himself is annoying everyone.

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In Canada, we already have socialism, I do not think Canadians understand how bad things are, I have to remind Canadians that mortgage deferrals equate to the housing market already crashing, The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) which is now The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) and new EI benefits revolve around private sector productivity that has vanished. What I mean is that welfare is being paid out in Canada by printing money and debt servicing CRB is going to be very problematic.

If let’s imagine for a second that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic Canadians weren’t in debt, our government maybe had a little debt, this wouldn’t be a big deal, the problem is the Canadian government, as well as the Canadian taxpayer, is in all sorts of debt.

The smarter way for Canada to get out of this debt would be to allow our most prosperous industry to flourish, however, Leftist, imagine Coronavirus as a signal that now is the time to act on climate change and this is very similar to when the Venezuelan government deemed it wise to expropriate property from the private sector which is the real reason why Venezuela is in the position it’s in now.

Eventually over regulation leads to the same results as democratic socialism, Joe Biden packing the courts, Justin Trudeau’s overt corrupt and carbon taxes, and Joe Bidens overt corrupt lies all of this spells doom for the world economy and you would be wise to prepare for the worst. Because Socialists historically have caused the most wars and killed the most people!

Alberta to lift oil production curtailment at the end of 2020 |

Interesting times ahead!