Crime and punishment: Rural people are more punitive than city-dwellers – Reviewed

Based on my reviews dealing with people from city and rural areas, it’s easy for me to observe that people in rural areas tend to have less faith in Government intervention and tend to want to make sure particular crimes and particular individuals aren’t allowed to flourish within their communities. People who live in cities often rarely encounter what they believe to be inherently violent individuals. If you live in a city, even if it’s a well known violent city, until you’re an actual victim who has to go through the Canadian judicial system it’s unlikely that you’ll believe that criminals require severe punishment.

Furthermore, with early public school education indoctrination, in which criminal activity amongst citizens and those considered elites has stark contrasts, it’s equally easy to see why individual students who get a biased Left-Wing education would assume that particular ways of thinking tend to lead to acts of criminality. People n Rural communities tend to have more time on their hands to view situations for what they are and not for what they’d like them to be.

People living in the cities however, people like me who have things imported to us, we the entitled in the major cities who have Police everywhere, access to public services, greater access to the media, greater consumer powers, the ability to organize and make a statement, greater political influence, it’s only natural for many of us to assume that our government has everything under control and therefore for us to engage in anything deemed by Progressives as barbaric as beneath us.

In a Rural area, the cops aren’t showing up for at least 20 minutes and residents know it, public services are scarce in Rural areas, in fact if you live ina rural area you might be close to all of the public servants and you, yourself as a rural resident might be concerned for your public servants well being, because it could be a close friend of yours. The point I’m trying to make here, is the sense of community tends to exist more in Rural areas and therefore in order to keep order, to keep the peace they all have to work together and hopefully detour criminal activities from flourishing in their communities, because even if criminality flourishes in a small rural community, it’s unlikely that the Government will be able to do anything to stop it.

If you look at criminality from a common-sense perspective in rural areas, all the criminals have to do is by time. Maybe the government might beef up its police presence for a period of time, but public servants don’t work for free and criminals can simply wait it out sometimes, terrorists as an example are all about draining resources from the superpower. Sure, the government is more powerful than the criminal, but the criminal can instill fear into his victims just by strike every so often. Rural people know this and therefore find ways to govern themselves, one of the ways to prevent crimes is to make the punishment harsh!

People in cities on the other hand, we te entitled, we who think that the government or some external source will fix the problem, it’s only natural that we especially under political pressures to adhere to any prevailing popular dogma, will simply assume that someone smarter than us will solve this silly criminal problem once and for all. Because after all a lot of people in Canadian major cities, stay out of trouble, let’s not kid ourselves here, the Canadian people, for the most part, are fantastic people, it’s just that in major cities, people feel a sense of security that will never exist in Rural communities.

Road closures in Toronto mean I find another road, prolonged road closure in a rural community could disrupt everything, I don’t worry about the internet in Toronto, in rural communities some don’t even have high-speed internet yet. A major snowfall in Toronto I expect it to be cleaned up by an external source, a major snowfall in rural communities have to be prepared for prior by it’s residence, little things add up and if you don’t want to complicate your life in a rural community you want to keep certain problems to a minimum. Rural communities have a lot to deal with and a lot of expenses that we in the major cities don’t even think about.

Adding a criminal element to real-world challenges is typically something Rural communities want to nip in the bud. I personally think the article below, was well written, what I don’t like is when society tries to label or frame people in rural communities in a particular way. Life is simply a bit different in rural areas. I’ve left out a lot of what life is like in rural areas. This is true all over the world, people in rural areas are forced to think differently especially when property rights are a thing!

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